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28 February 1905 Letter from Julius H. Spencer to Mrs. Florence Wilson

This was written to Mrs. Florence Wilson (living in Newark) his brother in law's wife.  I am unsure how we have this letter, unless he wrote two, and gave one to Orpha (his sister) - Robert's other wife.  Orpha Spencer my great great grandmother saved a generous handful of letters.  Click here to see all the letters she saved.  Click here for other items that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here for items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  

St. Louis Mo. 2/28/05
Mrs Florence Wilson,
Dear Friend
I received kind & most
welcome letter, glad to
hear from you & glad that
you arrived safely home
I know that you must hafe had
a sorrowful journey home.  I
of loved to seen you off, but
you know how I was -
situated, I thought that
Rob would come back or I would
of went to the train with
you, I see you remember
what I said, about being
Your friend, And I
meant every word I said

I dont go back on what
I say.. You said that I
was very kind to you
while you were out
here, Well why shouldnt
I of ben, We were both
stung by the same wasp
how I would have loved
to show you more
kindness had it ben
in my power. But you
know how tore up I was
I will send you a copy
of my sisters marriage lisc
license I got them today
you ask me if I know
Robs wherebouts I dont
I havent seen him since
he left the house
I thought possibly he
might, repear and go

back to New York, If I
find out where he is I
will let you know
you ask me if my sister
was still with me she is
But is not feeling very
well, she took it very
hard.  she sends her
regards,  And glad you
arrived safely home
You mentioned me
coming to New York It
is possible, I am figuring
on a position with the
Westing House Air Brake
Co.  And if I get in I will
come to New York and
would be glad to see you

I know that you would
make my stay in New York
as pleasant as possible for
I believe that you are a good
kind hearted woman.  I
dont see how in the world
Rob could have treated
you the way he did.  He
must have a heart of stone
that is if he has any I have
often wondered since I
saw you how he could
left you as he did,
Do you think his folks put
him up to leave you or
did he get old nick in
him, now answer and
let me know if you
get the copy all right
I would of wrote long
ago But I hated to bring

bring up your troubles
fresh to your memory
again, For the sooner
we forget the sooner
our minds is at ease
now if you will answer
It will please me very
much and if I can find
out where Mr Wilson
is I will surley let
you know his address
for I think it is no more
than my duty I
am ever willing to prove
me self as a friend
I know you have an -
[??????] in getting thoes
papers and if I can-

in any way assist you
I will gladly do so
I hope this will find
you enjoying good health
and hoping to hear from
you soon.  I remain
sincerely your friend
  J. H. Spencer
 6158 Ella Ave
 St. Louis MO

Newark, New Jersey Letters, Documents, etc.

This page will have links to any letters, documents, newspaper articles, etc. that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here to get to the basic timeline of Newark.  Click here to get to the cities of Essex County.  Click here to see the Counties of New Jersey. Click here to get to the list of States.  

28 February 1905 Letter from Julius H. Spencer to Florence Wilson
10 October 1905 Post Card from Florence Wilson to Julius H. Spencer
10th Tuesday Post Card from Florence Wilson to Julius H. Spencer
October 1905 Letter from Florence Wilson to Julius H. Spencer
Note from Florence to Robert, and Robert to Orpha
13 February 1906 Letter from Florence Wilson to Julius H. Spencer   Florence's father and a cousin die
22 February 1906 Letter from Robert Wilson to Orpha Wilson (Spencer)  The trial is not going well for Robert and Orpha - Judie in the letter refers to Julius Spencer
30 April 1906 Envelope From Florence Wilson to Julius Spencer
8 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
17 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
18 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
11 June 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
19 July 1906 Letter from Florence Wilson to Julius Spencer

Lawyer Correspondence
2 October 1905 Envelope from Hampson & Parry to Mr. J. C. Fisher
25 April 1906 Letter from Hampson & Parry to Mr. J. I. Fisher

Basic Timeline of Newark, New Jersey

This is meant to be a very basic timeline of events that could have affected your Ancestors lives.  Click here for any articles, letters, etc. that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here for the list of cities in Essex.  Click here for the list of Counties in New Jersey.  Click here to go to the State list.  

1666-  Robert Treat and other Puritans purchase land from Hackensack Tribe
1743 - Trinity Church Built
1754 - 1763 French and Indian Wars
1765 - 1783 War of independence
1780 - Newark raided by British Forces
1787 - First Presbyterian Church Established
1791 - Woods Newark Gazette starts publication
1797 - Newark Fire Association Founded
1803 - Newark Female Charitable Society Founded
1832 - Newark Daily Advertiser Newspaper begins publication
1832 - Cholera Epidemic
1836 - Newark Incorporated as a city
1844 - Mount Pleasant Cemetery founded
1846 - New Jersey Historical Society located in Newark 
1849 - Newark Daily Mercury Paper starts publication
1849 - 1855 Cholera Outbreaks
1850 - Bethel Mission Founded
1853 - Newark Daily Eagle begins publication
1857 - City Police Department started
1857 - Newark Orphan Asylum built
1861 - 1865 - Civil War
1866 - 1867- Cholera Epidemic 
1869 - 1950 Newark City Cemetery was in use for the indigent
1874 - St. Stephens Church built
1884 - Prince Street Synagogue built
1885 - American Soccer tournament held
1888 - First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church built
1889 - Newark Free Public Library built
1894 - Sacred Heart of Jesus Church built 
1914 - 1918 - WW1
1935 - Newark City Subway begins operation
1939 - 1945 - WW2

Cities in Essex County, New Jersey

Here are a list of the cities in Essex County, New Jersey.  Any city I have letters, articles etc. on, will be a live link. Click here to see the Counties of New Jersey.  Click here to see the State list.   

Cedar Grove
East Orange
Essex Fells
Glen Ridge
Short Hills
South Orange
West Orange

Counties of New Jersey

This is a list of Counties in New Jersey.  I am posting letters, news paper clippings, etc. That I find in my Genealogical Research.  I post them, then link them to cities that they are connected to through people that lived there, etc.  If I have information attached to a city, the County the city is in, will be a live link.  Click here to see other States, that there I have items regarding.

Cape May

25 February 1905 Letter from Orpha May Wilson to Robert H. Wilson

This letter is from Orpha to Robert.  They are now married, if you have been following their correspondence. ***They are not together, because Florence, Robert's first wife went to St. Louis, and was probably was wanting to press charges against him, for bigamy***.  The way I heard the story, Orpha did not know that Robert had a wife in the East.  At this time she was also pregnant with my great grandmother.   It is why he made a quick departure to California.    Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis.  Click here to see more items that relate to Los Angeles.  Click here to see more letters of Orpha's, and Robert.

                 St. Louis, MO
       Saturday, Feb 25/05
 My precious husband
                  your dear
letter received this
morning, And dearest
I guess you had a
much to read when
you had three.  I did
not get any yesterday or
and was so disapointed
I do miss them so much
when they dont come
Precious I am at
Mrs. Taylor's now, they
staid with us untill

after lunch and we
were coming down to
matinee.  But could not
get tickets at Horline
on the train so we came
out here as it was to
late to try any other
we are going to take
supper with them Mr
Taylor and Gene Sliph
untill noon.  And
do you believe it
Gene came with
Mr. Taylor, doesnt that
surprise you

Precious I am so
sorry you have such
a bad cold and I do
want you to take
something and get
wrid of it Dearest
do be careful for
my sake as well as
your own, I have
A very bad cold and
cough again.
Do you Cough much
dearest with your
cold Darling I would
give any thing if I could

be with you and take
care of you We need
Each other all the
time.  Dearest I wish
you Could get a day
job it would be so
much better for you
Dearest.  I would give any
thing if we knew
just what we were
going to do, or rather
what we Could do.
I am so hungry
to see my dear husband
I love so so much

And hope we can be
to gether soon.
Precious, I am glad
dearest you are gain
ing in weight I suppose
I am gaining Everyday
I ought to be heavy
by this time.  Dearest
I am beginning to look
a sight, Precious if
I could just feel good
all the time I would
like it so much
better instead of
feeling badley all

the time.  Mrs Taylor
did ever bit of my
Ironing this morning
she would not let
me do it.
Precious where could
you go.  I will be
satisfied any where you
should decide to go.  Do
what you think best
Darling I have not [???]
[????] Mr Fisher for
some time must try
to see him soon I will
close with all my love and kisse
to my dear husband your one
wife always Orpha

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Los Angeles, Ca. Discrimination of People with Japanese Descent

I will be adding more links, as I add more transcriptions that are discriminatory in nature.  Click here to get to the main Racism Post.  Click here to see the States I have letters, news clippings, etc. of.

29 May 1942 Letter from Helen McCoy to Willis Wilson.  She had just moved to a  farm that a family of Japanese Descent had lost when they had to go to an internment camp.

Buena Park, Ca. Discrimination Against People of Japanese Decent

As I find more information, I will add more links.  Click here for the main discrimination page.  Click here to go to my State list, where you can go see if I have any information, genealogical in nature.

29 May1942 Letter from Helen McCoy to Willis Wilson.  Who was living on a farm that people with Japanese decent had lost, when they had to go into an internment camp.

Discrimination of People of Japanese Decent by Locality

This page will have links to cities that relate to articles, letters, etc. That I come across in my Genealogical research.  As I find more items, I will come back and add more links.  Click here to get to the main Discrimination Page.  Click here to see the list of states that I have some items that relate to them that I have come across while doing my genealogical research.

Buena Park
Los Angeles

Discrimination Against Black, African American Women in Los Angeles

I will be adding more links as I find more items that relate to discrimination in Los Angeles.  Click here for the main page on Racism. Click here for other items that relate to Los Angeles.  Click here to see a list of states I have other information for.

The ad on the right shows a racist cartoon.  The transcription of the full clipping is from the first link under 1905.

January - Unknown Paper Advertising The Venice Midway with racist cartoon

Discrimination Against Black, African American Women by Locality

I decided to add a discrimination page by sex as well, as by group.  I am sure over time as I find more information in my genealogical studies, that there are instances where discrimination is aimed at sex. As I come across more items in my studies I will links to them.
It seems as I come across some old articles, that women (other than white women) were portrayed often times as Jezebels, and seductresses.  Just as men (other than white men) were portrayed as seducers, rapists, etc..   When I find something that is group based it will be under general, something sexed based will be categorized by sex.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Ca. Racism Against Black, African American General

As I find and transcribe more Racist items relating to Los Angeles in my Genealogical research I will add links below. Click here to get to the main discrimination page.  Click here to see items such as letters etc. relating to Los Angeles.                                                

January - Paper Unknown- Advertisment for Venice Midway with Racist Cartoon.

Black, African American Discrimination General Page

This page will contain links of articles, advertisements, etc. that I felt were discriminatory in nature, against black people in general.  I am primarily interested in Genealogy, but I found as I was combing through old newspapers for obituaries.  I was surprised to find in almost every paper I went through there was something derogatory in nature about a group of people whether it was based off color, sex, etc.. I am still transcribing family letters, but will be moving on to newspapers eventually.
***note:  I find so far through letters people are more or less a "product of their time".  I have been uncomfortable with the term African American, because I feel an American is an American period.  I also realize that some people take pride, and want to honor their heritage, and roots.  I will include both terms for the title of these posts***

Los Angeles

Racism Through our Nations History at the Local Scale.

This page will be dedicated to Racism in Newspaper articles, letters, etc.  I will transcribe directly.  I will not change anything for political correctness.  I feel it is important to see how things actually were for the people who were living in the area at the time.  Hopefully we can remember, and learn from history.  This page will be organized by groups discriminated against, then broken down by area.  Since this is an ongoing project of mine, more groups / areas / years/ will be added as I come across and transcribe more information.  The bottom of this post will explain why I am adding this to my Genealogical Spot Blog.    

Black / African American


My main interest, and purpose of this guide, is to aid me in my research, and to have a place to keep letters, photos, news articles, etc.  When I was looking for obituaries in old papers, I noticed that most papers had something discriminatory in nature to a group, or sex.  After finding a letter from 1942 contain the slur Jap, I was thinking about how the author of the letter was a product of her generation.  Anti Japanese and Yellow Peril articles were common when she was a young lady in school.  I decided that after I transcribe my ancestor's letter, and document them here, I will add old articles to this blog by topic.  I will be putting a heavy focus on obituaries, racism, businesses, members of the community etc..  This blog is in it's early stages with only 230sh posts at the time of writing this, but I have high hopes for adding thousands more.  Maybe at some point I can add articles, and memorabilia from your home town.
Thank you for visiting,

Venice Midway Advertisment for 14 January 1905 News Clipping With Racist Cartoon

This is a news paper clipping from January 1905.  It is an advertisement for The Venice Midway.  It was sent to Orpha Spencer (Mrs. Wilson) by her husband Robert H. Wilson.  Click here to see more items that relate to Los Angeles, Ca. Click here to see the full private collection that Orpha Spencer had saved.  ***  I eventually want to have many public domain news articles on this blog, organized by topic within the cities the Papers were in.  I will not tone down any racist material I find, because I feel that we should see and learn about the atmosphere all our ancestors lived in.  It is my hope that seeing the extent of racism there was across time, will help us become better as people***  I think the worst thing to do is forget the pain we as a society have inflicted on each other.  Hopefully we can learn from it instead.


                                     [IMAGE OF RACIST CARTOON]

Wide the laugh on Kiki's face,                           Thinks he's chased by the evil one
Frightened sign-man sets the pace                    And like a mad man he doth run.

MILLIONS of PEOPLE traveled THOUSANDS of MILES to see the



                        NEXT SUNDAY

Grand Electrical Illumination, 50,000 Lights
Thrilling Balloon Act          Daring Fire Dive
Japanese Day, Fireworks are Free Attractions

CONCERTS This Afternoon and Night by ELLERY'S FAMOUS
BAND of 52 Pieces, the World's Fair Gold Medal Band
               at the VENETIAN PALM GARDENS
Reserve your rooms at the beautiful ST. MARKS HOTEL, VENICE


9 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Leah Stutes (Tena Spencer)

This letter was written to Mrs. Leah Spencer, by her son in law Robert H. Wilson.  Orpha Robert's wife saved many letters.  Click here to see the full collection of letters.  Click here to see more items that relate to Los Angeles, Ca.  Click here for more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.

              JAN 10
            9- AM

Mrs. Tena Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St. Louis

               Los Angeles
                Jan 9" 05
My Dear Mother
I Recieved Your
Kinde letter through
Orpha to Day and
you dont know how
good it makes me
feal to know i have
Your for giveness
and that You will
be kinde to my
dear good wife
I will do all in
my power to
make this great
mis take Right

and be a good
honest Husband to
Orpha I Love her
and I know She
Loves me in Re-
turn.  You said in
Your letter Mother
that you wanted
me to wright often
to Orpha bless your
heart I wright
Ever Day to her
Mother I think
this will be a
good country for
Orpha our weather

hear now is just
like May weather
Flowers in Bloom
and Oranges ready
to pick I tell you
it is the finest
Country I have
seen.  Orpha told
me in her last
letter that Rosey
lost her mother
I am sorry to
hear it She seam
to be a pleasant
Lady Orpha and
my self went

down to visite
them one Sunday
Mother tell July
I will wright
to him when I
get a little moor
aquianted hear
So I can tell
him all a bout
the place, I will
close for this time
with Love and best
wishes to all from
you sone  Bob
remember me to

My Address is
231 Kohler St
Los Angeles

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North Little Rock / Argenta, Arkansas Letters, Documents, etc.

This is where I will keep any letters, or historical information that I find that relate to Argenta / North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Click here for a basic timeline of North Little Rock.  Click here for the cities in Pulaski County.  Click here for the counties in Arknsas.  Click here for other States I have information for. 

1 January 1905 Letter from James Wilson to brother Robert Wilson

North Little Rock, Arkansas Basic Timeline

This is meant to be a very basic timeline, that can give you an idea of some of the things going on in the area during the time your ancestors lived in the area.  Click here for the Cities of Pulaski, Arkansas.  Click here for the Counties in Arkansas. Click here for links to letters, documents, etc. from the area.  Click here for other States I have information about.

1754 - 1763 French and Indian Wars
1765 - 1783 War of independence
1803 - Fort Dearborn Established
1832 - Cholera Epidemic
1830s-1840s- A major stop along the Trail of Tears
1849 - 1855 Cholera Outbreaks
1861 - 1865 - Civil War
1866 - 1867- Cholera Epidemic
1866 - Old Argenta Platted
1870s - People came to the area with the opening of Lead and Silver mines
1878 - Telephone Service begins
1890 -Little Rock Annexed Argenta
1901- North Little Rock Incorporated
1903 - North Little Rock Annexes Argenta taking it from Little Rock 
1914 - 1918 - WW1
1939 - 1945 - WW2

Cities in Pulaski County, Arkansas

This is a list of Cities in Pulaski, Arkansas.  If I have any letter, or historical information about a particular city, the city name will be a live link.  Click here to get to the list of Counties in Arkansas.  Click here for the list of other States I have information for. 

Cammack Village
Little Rock
North Little Rock

Counties of Arkansas State

This is a list of Counties in Arkansas.  This blog is meant to keep information I find for Genealogical purposes, to hold my own findings, research, and to help others find information to aid their own research.  If I have information on cities the county it lies in will be a live link to the a page with the cities within the county.  Click here to see other States I have information on, or about.

Hot Spring
Little River
St Francis
Van Buren

1 January 1905 Letter from James Wilson to Brother Robert H. Wilson

This letter was written in Argenta, Ark. by James Wilson, and was sent to Robert H. Wilson.  Click here for more items related to Argenta, Ark.  Click here for more items that relate to Los Angeles, CA.  Click here for the full collection of Robert Wilson, and Orpha Spencer.

                           Jan 1
Dear Brother
      Your leter of the 30th
received was glad to
hear from you and
trust that you will
get Employment suitable
to your taste.
  I had a leter from
Lizzie asking for your
address as you did not
say anything about keeping
your address a secret I
gave it to her hoping I
done no wrong in doing
so  She also the girls
wer anxious about you
saying they could never
hear from you and they
worried a good deal about
you from the fact you
had ben arround them

so much and had ben
writing to them promptly
they seam to think that
you are in trouble; F
has ben to see Lizzie and
posibly she has ben teling
them a lot of Rot.
  I think the girls would
be much beter satisfyed if
you would wright them
more regular say every
two weeks.  Maria has
ben to see Lizzie says Jean
is beter but is afraid for
her says shedon eat and
worries all the time Maria
fears she isent going to
last a very long time
  The impresion I got of Jean
is that she worries to much
about thing that ought not

to concerne her She ought
to let the other fellow do the
Bert sent his mother 8.00
dolars I geus it was a
grate surprise to her.
  Father and the girls also
the Girls family are
 Wright often I will
take pleasure in answering
you leters.
    Jennie joins me in
sending love and hope
that you will be satisfyed
with the Golden State.
620 East Second street

7 November 1904 Letter from Ray to Robert H. Wilson

This letter was written by Ray, Robert Wilson's nephew.  Ray went to Chicago, and lived with Robert Wilson until he was able to find a job, before Robert moved to St. Louis.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more items in the collection that were from Robert Wilson, and Orpha Spencer.

Mr R. H. Wilson

[???] St Louis & Suburban
                            R.R. CO.
           St Louis  MO
  De Hodouant Shops

                     Chicago Ill
                     Nov 7. 1904

Dear Uncle
I am sorry to keepe you
waiting for good new but the new
will dis-point you.  Mrs Blumekron
told me to wait a wile before i right
because Mrs Fife would be here
the last of the week and tell me
the bad news.  She said rote
to her brother inlaw when her hus
band had died and he did not
answer it So her son do not
want her to send you to him
she said she did not want to make
a ful out of you .  She said she
got a letter Cal and they told
her it is to slow their for any
body to go.

That is y I did not right before.
I got a letter from Burt and
he said he his get ing along fine.
  Mamma rote last week and
she said she need some money
so I sent what I was go to send
to you I am sorry But I thought
Momma must need it more then
you do.
  George came up to work this
morning.  Do you know a
Motorman by the name of
Burns if you do he kill a
boy yesterday.  [?????] h's a good friend
of mine. Lee would like to
here from you and also [????]
gramdpapa I do not know
him by name.  They would
like to see you back in Chicago
best regards from all Your Nephew
Answer soon do not take as
long as I did I am go to right to Burt know

News Paper Clipping Truthful James Scores Around 13 October (1904?)

This is a paper clipping that was in an envelope with some of Orpha's saved letters.  I don't know what paper it is from.   Click here to see the full collection of items Orpha saved.
The following text is the text in a political cartoon.
[Man on left]
[Truthfu James]
 The following text is from the right column of the clipping above.
NEW ORLEANS, Oct, 13.-
In order to commemorate the
yellow fever epidemic, during
which their baby was born, a
family named Wilson, living
in the extreme upper part of
the city, have had their child
Christened Stegomyia Wilson.

Pittsburg, Oct 13.- The first
snow of the season is reported from
the western part of the state.  At
Greenville snow fell for 5 hours,
breaking down orchard trees.

Louisville, KY. Oct 13.- Kill-
ing frosts are reported in the mid-
dle south and the frost line extends
to the northern portions of the gulf

Waco Tex., Oct 13.- A light
frost appeared here this morning,
the first visible frost of the season.

New Orleans, Oct, 13.- A low
thermometer, frost in the Northern
and central portions of the state,
and colder weather all over the in-
fected district give hope that the
fever epidemic will die out in a
few days, or weeks at most.  It is
stated that the cold weather will ex-
tinguish the fever in both Missis-
sippi and Louisiana inside of 15
The following text is the back of the clipping.

able Merchandise
LANE"S 327 and 329
                So. Broadway
iss if you anticipate your future needs and purchase while these spe-
there's a sharp difference between regular price figures and those

Left Column                       Middle column
and pants,                           Specials From the
regular .50c                        Notion Counter
....... .35c
9c                                       Nickel plated safety pins; regular
weight fine                        5c value; special, per dozen.......3 1/2c
yarn, full                            Fine violet and heliotrope toilet soap; 3
...... .89c                             cakes in box; regular 25c value;
                                           special, per box..............  15c
silk taped,                          corduroy and velveteen s
finished;                            ing; regular 7c value; sp
                                          Pillow tops, tinted with
                                          terns; regular 50c value;

Right Column
50c Corest Covers 25c
Fine muslin and cambric corset covers, lace
and embroidery trimmed, well made, all
sizes; good value at half a
a dollar; Saturday...............................25c

                     $1.25 GOWNS 75c
Fine muslin gowns, lace insertion and tuck-
ed yolks, extra length and full
width; good value $1.25; Saturday at..75c

                        $2.50 DRESSES $1.49

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20 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was written in Chicago, Ill. by Robert H. Wilson, and was sent to Miss Orpha May Spencer.  Click here for more items related to Chicago, Ill.  Click here for more items related to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see the full collection of Orpha's.

Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St Louis

                         Chicago Ill
                          Sept 20/ 04
My Dear Sweete heart
I have recieved Your
letters in Rag time
for the Past weak
i did not get aney
letter of the 14th and
got your Sundays
letter be for i got
your Sundays well
Dearest we will not
have to wright aney
moor and i am
glad for that what
we will have to

say we can say it
face to face Dearest
i am sorry to hear
that your family
are having so mutch
Sickness sickness is
sutch an experience.
Dearest Mr Berry
wrote to my Boss
a pictule friend of
his and told him
that he wanted
give me my job
at the bench back
Dearest i dont want
to go to work be
for Monday Morning
i want to be with
you all Day Sunday

So we can go
Some place and
spend the Day
Dearest if you dont
feal like coming
to the depot so
Early in the am
dont come, Dearest
i could not make
out what you said
a bout Lucy throwing
my Spoon a way
You will have to
tell that to me
when i come
Dearest it was verry
Coald hear to night
 i am coald setting
hear wright to you

I will close sweete
heart and will not
wright a gain from
Chicago as i would
be in St Louis
as soon as the
letter  Dearest i hope
you will have
good news from
your Brother by
 the time you get
this and that you
and mother will
be fealing better
good Dearest untill

we meete
in St Louis
at the Fair
No moor
letters for
this time
Love and
Kisse from
one that
Loves You
Yours Bob

News Paper Clipping - Poems Worth Knowing

I found this news paper clipping in a envelope from 1904, but, on the back of the clipping there is a reference to June 11, 1903.  I am not sure if this paper is shortly after  June 11 1903, or if that part of the paper was referring to a story from the year before.  Click here to see the other items Orpha Spencer saved.  The front of the clipping has a poem by Lord Byron.  The back of the clipping had some medical advice on the left hand of the clipping that was partially cut off on the left. the right has some information about baseball happenings at the time.  

            BY LORD BYRON.
When we two parted
In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted,
To sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that hour foretold
sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning
Sank chill on my brow.
It felt like the warning
Of what I feel now.
Thy vows are all broken,
And light's thy fame;
I hear thy name spoken,
And share in it's shame

They name thee before me,
A knell to mine ear;
A shudder comes o'er me-
Why wert thou so dear?
They know not I knew thee,
Who knew thee to well;
Long, long shall I rue thee,
Too deeply to tell.

In secret we met-
In silence I grieve,
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive.
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?-
With silence and tears.
Back of paper.
The following is the left column of the paper
est danger to the already weak and
ions, from the sometimes fatal car-
ure caused by bad blood, and the
ntly rid of them is to purify and
lood, and counteract the humors
is so quickly and thoroughly as
king of blood purifiers and great-
has become impoverished and is
romptly in building up and restor-

       Allegheny, Pa., June 11, 1903
the age of twenty or thirty I was sorely
with large, awful boils on my face and
soon as they would heal up in one place
d break out in another part of the body,
ontinued for ten years.  I tried every-
uld hear to get relief, but nothing
y good. I had but little faith in S. S. S.
good when i began it, but after taking
rt while the boils began to disappear,
d on with the medicine, taking six bot-
l the boils entirely disappeared.  Five
e elapsed since that time, and I have
bothered  since, showing that the cure
anent. I had some thirty or forty of
ainful boils one ever had, and to be
rid of them by your great purifier,
puts me under a debt of gratitude to
                               Henry Zinn.

danger of boils is past when the
nd the system cleansed of all mor-
ject to boils, then the same causes
o so this, and the sooner you begin
t your blood and system in good
r the better the chance of going
gh the spring and summer season
out boils or other painful irri-
g skin eruptions.  S. S. S. is guar-
d purely vegetable, and can be
with perfect safety by old and
most delicate constitution.  It is
unequaled as a cure for boils and
would like medical advice or other

This is the same photo above, I just added it again for easier reference.  The following text is what is on the right column.  Click on the image to view it larger.
Ferris 26 .. 4   1  3  3  0    M. Cross 8.2  0  1  2  0
Ferrell,  c.. 3   0  6  0  0    Shreck,  c ..3  1  3  0  0
Gibson, P.. 3   0  0  1  0    Henly,    p.. 2  0  2  3  0
Totals....   34  7  27 10 1   Totals....   30  4   27  11  0
Boston.........................1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 - 2
Philadelphia................1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 1
Earned runs - Boston 1.  Two base hits- Stahl
2, Pickering 1, L. Cross 1.  Three base hits
Freeman 1. Sacrifice hits- Henley 1. Stolen
bases- Dougherty 2, Hartsel 2.  Double plays-
Collins, Ferris and Lachance 1.  Left on bases
- Boston 10, Philadelphia 5.  First base on balls
-Off Gibson 2, off Henley 4.  Struck out -By
Gibson 5, by Henley 3.  Wild pitches - Gibson 1.
Time- One hour and forty-seven minutes.  Um-
pires - Connolly and Carpenter.

American Association.
At Toledo - Toledo 8, 9, 1; St. Paul 6, 13, 1.
Batteries Cristall and Brown; Slagel and Sul-
At Columbus- Columbus 5, 8, 6; Minneapolis
4, 5, 4.  Batteries- Malarkey and Yeager;
Owens, Thomas, and Leslie.
At Louisville- Game with Kansas City post-
poned; rain.
At Indianapolis- Game with Milwaukee post-
poned; wet grounds.

Amateur Baseball Notes.
The Usonas would like to arranges games with
all out-of-town teams.  For particulars address
A. J. Schoppe, No. 19 South Spring Ave.

The A. B. C. s of St. Louis would like
to arrange games with all St. Louis teams.
the Schapers, Lindell Hotels, and Rose Hills
preferred. For particulars address J. M. Ames,
No. 702 Division Ave. East St. Louis Ill.

The Gittens would like to hear from all first-
class teams.  Address J. H. Flood, No. 5867
Manchester Avenue.

The Assumptions defeated the Sidneys Sun-
day by the score of 1 to 0.  The winners will
play Columbkille's next Sunday at Caronde-
let Park.

The Burlingtons would like to hear from all
teams in the 16 and 17 year old class.  Address
Frank Miller. No. 3145 Locust Street.

The Orphan Boys would like to arrange a
game for next Sunday with some first-class
team.  Address N. Dolis, No. 4100 Juniata

The Pastimes would like to arrange a game
for next Saturday afternoon.  Address No. 203
North Third Street.

The St. Roses defeated the Maples Sunday by
the score of 17 to 2.  For games with the
winners, who play in the 13, and 15 year old
class.  address L. Cooke, No. 1387 Burd ave-

The Schapers defeated the Ely-Walkers Sun-
day by the score of 3 to 1.  The feature of the
game was the double play by Mattock and

Monday, August 21, 2017

19 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Spencer

This letter is now part of a private family collection.  Click here to see other items in the collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, ILL. Click Here for more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.


Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St. Louis

Dearest dont wright
after you get
this letter, as i
will not be at
the shop after
wensday, Yours Bob

                  Chicago Ill
                 Spet 19" 04
My Dearest Orpha
Recieved your letters
of the 17th & 18th to
Day you Said you in
one of them that
you did not get
aney letter Sunday
You should have
got two Saturday or
Sunday i mailed
you one Saturday
morning & one in
the Eavening i have

mist ondley one
Day wrighting to
You since i came
back to Chicago,
Dearest i was to
get through hear
Tuesday but my
Boss wants me
to work Wensday
as he has not
got aney Body for
my place yet i
am glad to hear
Mr Berry is going
to give me my
old job back for
i do hate to be
looking for work
and i am a fraid

this winter is
going to be verry
dul.  Dearest Mr
Berry must have
told some of the
boys that i was
coming back he
is quite thick
with the man
that works with
Grossman Dearest
i am sorry to
hear that your
mother is complaining
i know it is not
pleasant for you
when She is not
well.  Dearest i will
soon be with you

and try and make
things moor pleasant
Sweete heart i expect
to leave Chicago on
the midnight Specl
leaves hear at 11 46 pm
Due in St Louis
at 8 10 AM Via Chicago &
Alton Dearest it is
Kinde of Earley for
you to get down
town but if you
want to meete
me i will be
glad to have your

i for got to say that
i wil leave Thursday
Midnight due in St Louis
Friday morning 8 10
Love &
Kisses to
my Dear Girl
         Yours Bob

18 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter is part of a private family collection.  Click here to see other items from the collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.

           CHICAGO, ILL
                   SEP 19
          LAKE VIEW STA.

Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
 St Louis

               Sept 18" 04
My Dearest Orpha to
Day is the Day i dont
get aney mail and
that makes it a
long lonesome Day
for me but next
Sunday will not
be so bad but
quite the revirse
we can be to gether
then i will be
glad when i get
back i cant wait
for that time to
come i hope Mr
Berry will have
Something for me

when i get back
i hope i dont
have to be out
of work long i
always have ben
verry luckey in
getting work.
Dearest we had
a verry hard
thundr Storme
last night all
the foles got
up they was
so frightened it
did not bother
me at all.  i
was sleapey and
did not hear or
see the worst
of it You know what
a sleapy head i am

by the way Dearest
we must not
stay up nights
like we uste to
it is not good
to loose So mutch
sleape i think
that is the reason
i lost so mutch
flesh dont think
i am Scolding you
Dearest for i am
as mutch to blame
for keeping Sutch
long Hours as
you are soon we
can have each others
Company and not
Stay up all night
to get it eather

Just think ondley
a few moor Days
and i will be
with you i hope
it will be a long
time be for we
are seperated so
long a gain
Dearest i will close
hoping i will
get a letter from
you in the first
mail in the am
Good night with
Love and Kisses
to you and best
Reguards to all
Yours  Bob

17 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was written by Robert H. Wilson in chicago, Ill. and was sent to Orpha May Spencer in St. Louis, MO.  Click here for more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here for more items related to St. Louis, MO. Click here to see the full collection of Orpha.

                                    Sept 17" 04
My Dearest sweete heart
I recieved to of your
letters to day i ought
to have three Dearest
i was a fraid You
was sick and could
not wright You
did not say aney
thing about being
sick si i gues you
are all right at
aney rait i hop
so i dont like to
hear of you having

those old head
Aches Dearest if you
think the Bottrys
Geric[?] Speaks of
would help you
by all means get
one Dearest are they
not the Same as
we had last winter
that you treated
you foot with if
so Ray has one that
i maid in New
York if you say
it is the same
i will bring it a
long i would be
glad to do aney
thing i can to make

you well and strong
Dearest i am as
well as usuall
but am offel tired
for the past few
nights we have
ben having moor
work than usuall
and i am not
uste to working
hard of late Dearest
i have ondley 3
moor Days to
work hear how
glad i will be
when i get back
with you i am
ancious for that
time but i hope

i dont be out
of work long i
am glad Hattie is
not going be for
i get back i want
to see her befor
they go away Hattie
is a good Girl and
i like her and i hope
She does well.
Dearest i am glad to
know that your
Broinlaw can make
a man of me no
dout i can be improved

          Part 2
I would like
verry mutch to
go down and see
them i mean your
Sister and family
i am glad they
did not come to
St Louis while i
was up hear i
hope they will
Soon come after i
get back.  Dearest
i am shure that
clipping i sent you
did not do me
Justice in reguards
to my make up.
but i am a fraid
you will not

like me now i
am so disfigured
you will not
hardley know me
when i get back
at any rait .15
worth of labor
will make me
as i uste to be
Just a little joke
nothing serious
Sweete heart i will
close for this time
with all my love
and kisses to you

Dearest just 5 days
and i will be with
you a gain Yours Bob