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17 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was written by Robert H. Wilson in chicago, Ill. and was sent to Orpha May Spencer in St. Louis, MO.  Click here for more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here for more items related to St. Louis, MO. Click here to see the full collection of Orpha.

                                    Sept 17" 04
My Dearest sweete heart
I recieved to of your
letters to day i ought
to have three Dearest
i was a fraid You
was sick and could
not wright You
did not say aney
thing about being
sick si i gues you
are all right at
aney rait i hop
so i dont like to
hear of you having

those old head
Aches Dearest if you
think the Bottrys
Geric[?] Speaks of
would help you
by all means get
one Dearest are they
not the Same as
we had last winter
that you treated
you foot with if
so Ray has one that
i maid in New
York if you say
it is the same
i will bring it a
long i would be
glad to do aney
thing i can to make

you well and strong
Dearest i am as
well as usuall
but am offel tired
for the past few
nights we have
ben having moor
work than usuall
and i am not
uste to working
hard of late Dearest
i have ondley 3
moor Days to
work hear how
glad i will be
when i get back
with you i am
ancious for that
time but i hope

i dont be out
of work long i
am glad Hattie is
not going be for
i get back i want
to see her befor
they go away Hattie
is a good Girl and
i like her and i hope
She does well.
Dearest i am glad to
know that your
Broinlaw can make
a man of me no
dout i can be improved

          Part 2
I would like
verry mutch to
go down and see
them i mean your
Sister and family
i am glad they
did not come to
St Louis while i
was up hear i
hope they will
Soon come after i
get back.  Dearest
i am shure that
clipping i sent you
did not do me
Justice in reguards
to my make up.
but i am a fraid
you will not

like me now i
am so disfigured
you will not
hardley know me
when i get back
at any rait .15
worth of labor
will make me
as i uste to be
Just a little joke
nothing serious
Sweete heart i will
close for this time
with all my love
and kisses to you

Dearest just 5 days
and i will be with
you a gain Yours Bob

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