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18 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

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           CHICAGO, ILL
                   SEP 19
          LAKE VIEW STA.

Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
 St Louis

               Sept 18" 04
My Dearest Orpha to
Day is the Day i dont
get aney mail and
that makes it a
long lonesome Day
for me but next
Sunday will not
be so bad but
quite the revirse
we can be to gether
then i will be
glad when i get
back i cant wait
for that time to
come i hope Mr
Berry will have
Something for me

when i get back
i hope i dont
have to be out
of work long i
always have ben
verry luckey in
getting work.
Dearest we had
a verry hard
thundr Storme
last night all
the foles got
up they was
so frightened it
did not bother
me at all.  i
was sleapey and
did not hear or
see the worst
of it You know what
a sleapy head i am

by the way Dearest
we must not
stay up nights
like we uste to
it is not good
to loose So mutch
sleape i think
that is the reason
i lost so mutch
flesh dont think
i am Scolding you
Dearest for i am
as mutch to blame
for keeping Sutch
long Hours as
you are soon we
can have each others
Company and not
Stay up all night
to get it eather

Just think ondley
a few moor Days
and i will be
with you i hope
it will be a long
time be for we
are seperated so
long a gain
Dearest i will close
hoping i will
get a letter from
you in the first
mail in the am
Good night with
Love and Kisses
to you and best
Reguards to all
Yours  Bob

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