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San Diego County Cities

This post contains a list of cities in San Diego County.  Cities I have any additional posts on will be a live link. Here is a link back to the Counties of California.

Chula Vista
Del Mar
El Cajon
Imperial Beach
La Mesa
Lemon Grove
National City
San Diego
San Marcos
Solana Beach

Los Angeles City Basic Timeline

This is a very simplified timeline of Los Angeles City.  It is a snapshot  to give you a an idea of things that happened while your ancestors were living in Los Angeles.

Click (here) for documents, private papers, images, directories, or other things I find that mention Los Angeles or took place in Los Angeles.

500 AD - Tongva Native Americans inhabit the L.A. Basin.
1781 - First Settlement in the area placed.  It is called Rio de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula.
1841 - LosAngeles's first census - Population 141.
1842 - Los Angeles's first population boom due to discovery of gold.
1846 - Pio Pico sworn in as first Governor of California, in Los Angeles.
1847 - United States take control of Los Angeles.
1848 - Mexico Cedes California to United States.
1850 - Los Angeles is incorporated as a municipality.
1852 - Gilmore Adobe built.
1855 - Los Angeles's first school built.
1865 - Large population boom of African Americans after Civil Wars ends.
1868 - Los Angeles starts getting street lights.
1869 - First Southern Ca. Railroad built.
1873 - Los Angeles's first synagogue is built.
1873 - First tolley line in the city open.
1876- St. Vibiana Cathedral built.
1881 - Los Angeles Daily Times start publication
1892 - Oil discovered in Los Angeles
1900 - Japanese immigrants start to arrive in Los Angeles.
1903 - The Los Angeles Examiner starts publication.
1913 - The Natural History Mueseum Opens.
1913 - Los Angeles Aqueduct complete.
1922 - Radio Stations start broadcasting in Los Angeles.
1923 - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum opens.
1926 - La Opinion starts publication.
1928 - Los Angeles City Hall opens.
1930 - The original Pueblo of Los Angeles is renovated (it is now Olivera St.).
1932 - Los Angeles hosts Olympics.
1933 - Los Angeles Sentinel starts publication.

Useful Local links
Los Angeles Historical Society

Los Angeles Public Library Research Guide

Los Angeles City Historical Documents, Images Etc.

This post will contain links for documents, directories, images, news articles, private documets that relate to Los Angeles City.  Click here to go back to the basic Los Angeles Time line.

Travel Brochures
Trolley Trips About Los Angeles abt. 1905


Department of California and Nevada
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Organized April 15, 1909
at Pasadena, California
*****Note: There are multiple Los Angeles DUVCW tents listed in the booklet.  They are on different pages in the booklet.  Each images is clickable where you can view and enlarged image*****

Fraternal Organization Items
Masquerade Ball Invitation by No. 152, I.O.F. 27 October, 1905

Newspaper Articles / Clippings
Advertisement for Venice Midway for 14 January 1905 with Racist Cartoon

1 January 1905 Letter from James Wilson to Robert H. Wilson
9 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Leah Christina Stutes (Tena Spencer)
18 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson (Spencer)
25 February 1905 Letter from Orpha May Wilson (Spencer) to Robert H.Wilson
Note from Florence to Robert, and Robert to Orpha
18 June 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson
30 June 1905 Partial Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson
8 July 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson about birth of my great grandmother
6 September 1905 Partial Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson
8 September 1905 Partial Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson
22 February 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson  The trial back East is not going well
25 April 1906 Letter from Hampson & Parry to Mr. J. I. Fisher
29 April 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson (Spencer)
8 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson (Spencer)
17 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
18 May 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
11 June 1906 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson
29 May 1942 Letter from Helen McCoy (Wilson) to Willis Wilson

Money Transfer Through Church?
21 May 1905 Envelope from First Christian Church

San Jose Historical Docments, Images Etc.

This page will contain links for any San Jose related historical documents, images, directories, etc..
I enter them as I find them.  This page will be updated as I find more information as I study genealogy.

Department of California and Nevada
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Organized April 15, 1909
at Pasadena, California

San Jose Historical Timeline

This is a basic timeline of important events in San Jose.  I am compiling information from broad internet searches and sites such as wikipedia.  It is just to help you have an idea of what was happening in the San Jose, during the lives of your ancestors.

Click (here) for San Jose historical documents / images etc. 

Ohlone Tribes occupy the area
1777 San Jose founded as a town
1797 - San Jose Mission Founded
1850 - San Jose is now part of the United States, and is first Captial of California
1851 - San Jose Weekly Visitor pubication begins
1855 - San Jose Telegraph newspaper publication begins
1861 - San Jose Daily Mercury publication begins
1864 - San Fransico and San Jose connected by railway 
1870 - Chinatown fire
1884 - Work on Winchester House begins
1889 - City Hall built
1895 - Post Office built
1906 - San Fransico earthquake
1909 - KQW Radio begins broadcasting
1933 - Spartan Stadium Opens
1937 - San Jose Civic Orchestra Opens
1949 - San Jose Municple Aiport opens

Useful Sites for Local Research
History San Jose - A historical organization

SFGenealogy.com  This is a great site I stumbled across, that has links to databases and more.  It has resources for many counties surrounding San Francisco

Santa Clara County Historical Events

Here is a timeline of some historical events related to Santa Clara County, California.  Click (here) for the list of Cities in Santa Clara County.  As time goes by I will be adding live links to other posts at the end of this blog post.

There were Native American Settlements dating back as early as 8,000 B.C.  A known tribe dating back to about 4,000 B.C. were th Ohlone Native American Tribe.

1769 - Jose Fransico Ortega named Santa Clara "Llano De Los Robles".  
1777 - Father Junipero Serra Consecrated the Mission Santa Clara De Asis.
1777 - San Jose was recognized as California's first town.
1830 - By this time the Ohlone population was down to about 2,500 (from over 10,000) after small pox and other epidemics.
1846 - July 14, The United State raised the United States Flag at the town hall.
1850 - San Jose became the first capital of California.
1850 - The California Gold Rush resulted in a boom.
1851 - Santa Clara University Established (the first University in California).
1850s - Santa Claras main export was agriculture.
1911 - There was a 6.6 magnitude earthquake 3 miles from Santa Clara County.
1912 - San Jose was receiving radio broadcasts.
1926 - There was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake located 36 miles from Santa Clara County.
1930s - Two Naval Air Stations were built.

I found the information above on various sites such as Wikipedia.
Sites that may be helpful in your search for Santa Clara Ancestors

History of Santa Clara
Author: Eugene T. Sawyer  1922

Santa Clara City Library (has a large genealogy section)

Santa Clara Family History Center

California Online Historical Newspapers

California Pioneers of Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County Office of the Clerk Recorder

Santa Clara County Cities

Here are the Cities of Santa Clara California.  Any cities that have more information will have live links.  Here is a link for a basic historical timeline of Santa Clara County

Los Altos
Los Gatos
Morgan Hill
Mountain View
Palo Alto
San Jose
Santa Clara

Roster DUVCW for California and Nevada 1947

Thank You for dropping by! 

This Roster belonged to my GG Grandmother
Orpha Wilson

It won't be an exact transcription, because you can click on the photos to enlarge and read them yourself.

I will include all the names of members listed in this book, so they appear in search engines.  My GG Grandmother's name was spelled wrong, as was her street name, so some names may have misspellings in the book.

Department of California and Nevada
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Organized April 15, 1909
Pasadena, California
The image to the left is the inside cover.
 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Organized May 30, 1885, at Massillion, Ohio
Incorporated December 12, 1885, as
National Alliance Daughters of Veterans
by the Grand Army of the Replublic 
at their 34th Annual Encampment held in
Chicago, Illinois, 1900

Name changed to Daughters of Union Veterans 
of the Civil War, 1861 - 1865, at the 
35th National Convention, Grand 
Rapids, Michigan, 1925

The Pledge of Allegiance
Francis Bellamy 

The American's Creed
Wm. Tyler Page

** I noticed the pledge here didn't have one Nation 
under God
Under God was added in 1954 

National Officers
President...... Miss Cora E. Gillis
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. Anna B. Dolan
Jr. Vice Pres.....Mrs. Bernice Hecht
Chaplain.....Mrs. Clara Mosher
Treasurer..... Miss Grace Hurd
Inspector.....Mrs. Georgia Bone
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Ruth Jordan
Secretary.....Mrs. Carolyn Hastings
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Velma MacKay
Chief of Staff.....Mrs. Ruth Miller Hayes
Department Officers
President-Helen Mattice  Tent 37
Senior Vice-President-Leone Fields  Tent 40
Junior Vice-President - Alice Johnson Tent 60
Chaplain - Marie Mittlestadt Kolb Tent 15
Treasurer - Louise Buckminster Tent 19
Council Member No. 1-Amanda Jane Filkins Tent 25
Council Member No.2 - Florence Fahey Tent 75
Council Member No.3 - Nora Prewett Tent 63
Inspector - June Harrison Tent 29
Patriotic Instructor - Clara Blackford Tent 56
Counselor - Ava Hughart Tent 23
Secretary - Margaret M. French Tent 4
Press Correspondent - Winnifred Ketchem Tent 13
Chief of Staff - Leona Smith Tent 6
Assistant Chief of Staff - Cora Jones Tent 18
Guide - Margaret Boynton Tent 32
Assistant Guide - Ella Chapman Tent 27
Guard - Neta Schrobel Tent 33
Assistant Guard - Hyla Hays Tent 37
Musician - Eulah Curnow Tent 21
Historian - Bertha Pierce Tent 17
Color Bearer No. 1 - Hallie Lewallen Tent 21
Color Bearer No. 2 - Pansy Keys Tent 59
Color Bearer No. 3 - Nona Anderson Tent 71
Color Bearer No. 4 - Alice Kiser Tent 45
Judge Advocate - Law T. Freitas

Memorial Home Board
President - Edna Wadsworth Tent 17
Vice-President - Jessie Hood Tent 52
Executive Board - Eva Hughart Tent 23
Executive Board - Matilda Stringer Tent 19 
Treasurer -Louise Bukminster Tent 19
Secretary - Marion McKelvey Tent 18
Custodian - Margaret Stoner Tent 9
Department Officers 
1947 - 1948
President - Leone Fields Tent 40
Senior Vice-President - Alice Johnson Tent 60 
Junior Vice-President - Cora Jones Tent 18
Chaplain - Margaret Boynton Tent 32
Treasurer - Louise Buckminster Tent 19
Council Member No. 1 - Helen Mattice Tent 37
Council Member No. 2 - Nan Palmer Tent 27
Council Member No. 3 - Leona Smith Tent 6
Inspector - Bertenna Boyle Tent 17
Patriotic Instructor - Ethel Ward Tent 61
Counselor - Rebecca Dunbar Tent 58
Secretary - Margaret M. French Tent 4
Press Correspondent - Jennie Everson Tent 1
Chief of Staff - Pansy Keys Tent 59
Assistant Chief of Staff - Sylvia Roberts Tent 63
Guide - Doris Heustis Tent 40
Assistant Guide - Nora Prewett  Tent 63

Guard - Katherine Culp   Tent 77
Assistant Guard - Mary Irene Palmer Tent 28
Musician - Eva Rocky Tent 59
Color Bearer No. 1 - Flossie Brown Tent 23
Color Bearer No. 2 - Hazel Strupp Tent 7
Color Bearer No. 3 - Belva Stewart Tent 13
Color Bearer No. 4 - Geraldine Beall Tent 10
Judge Advocate - Mr. Edison Thomas

Memorial Home Board 
President - Margaret L. Stoner Tent 9
Vice-President - Jessie Hood Tent 52
Executive Board - Matilda Stringer Tent 19
Executive Board - Eva Hughart Tent 23
Treasurer - Louise Buckminster Tent 19
Secretary - Fanny MacIntosh Tent 19
Custodian - Kate Rahn Tent 9
Mrs. Nellie I: Nole 1928 - 1929
Mrs. Pearl Neville 1929 - 1930
Mrs. Erma Chaplin 1930 - 1931
Mrs. Lillian Gardiner 1931 - 1932
Mrs. Beryl Freitas 1932 - 1933
Mrs. Frances R. Pence 1933 - 1934
Miss Margaret M. French 1934 - 1935
Mrs. May Boynton 1935 - 1936
*Mrs. Emma Strain 1936 - 1937
Mrs. Eugenia Salisbury 1937 - 1938
Mrs. Clara Mosher 1938 - 1939
Mrs. May G. Woodman 1939 - 1940
Mrs. Clara Llewellyn 1940 - 1941
Mrs. Rebecca Dunbar 1941 - 1942
Mrs. Fanny MacIntosh 1942 - 1943
Mrs. Matilda Stringer 1943 - 1944
Mrs. Eva Hughart  1944 - 1945
Mrs. Jane Filkins 1945 -1946
* Deceased

 Roster of Tents
1. Kate B. Sherwood         San Jose
Organized as 
Camp, Feb 1, 1885
Mustered in as Tent, April 6, 1905
Druids Hall, 85 W. San Carlos St.
President..... Mrs. Edith Crook
Sr. Vice President..... Mrs. Mrytle Foss
Chaplain..... Mrs. Emma Spooner
Treasurer.....Mrs. Ludie Farris
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Mabel Wood
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Jennie Everson
Secretary..... Mrs. Harriet Day

4. Jessie Benton Fremont    Los Angeles
Mustered in May 11, 1908
Patriotic Hall, 1816 S. Figueroa St.
President.....Mrs. Ruby Jewell Green
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Clara Officer
Chaplain.....Mrs. Anna Dunlevy
Treasurer.....Mrs. Effie Dahms
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Louise Poulton
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Susie Marshall 
Secretary..... Mrs. Elizabeth Rogers
****Patriotic Hall on Figueroa still stands****

5. Nancy Hanks Lincoln       San Diego
Mustered in March 22, 1909
1520 2nd St., Lotus Hall 
President.....Mrs. Blance Love
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Nellie Clower
Chaplain.....Mrs. Elma O'Neill
Treasurer.....Mrs. Meta Bennett
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Cephas Smith
Secretary..... Miss Blance A. Parker

6. Dorothea Dix      Oakland
Mustered In May 28 1910
Veterans MemorialBldg. Oakland
President..... Mrs. Dorothy Canevari
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Miss Alice Peirsol
Chaplain.....Mrs. Marjorie Farris
Treasurer.....Mrs. Hattie M. Clifford
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Mildred V. Kendall 
Press Correspondent....Mrs. Erma H. Chaplin
Secretary..... Mrs. Leah Savercool 
****Veterans Memorial Bldg. still stands****

7. Julia Ward Howe    Fullerton
Mustered in Sept. 27, 1910
Odd Fellows Hall
President..... Mrs. Pearl Hemus
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Dora Riley
Chaplain..... Mrs. Julia Cusik
Treasurer..... Mrs. Maude Thompson
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Ida Stalnaker
Press Correspondant..... Mrs. Mary Robertson
Secretary.....Mrs. Hazel Smalley
****The lodge is still standing and has been repaired it is now the Williams Blding on 112 E. Commonwealth Ave.

8. Ida Saxton McKinnley        Fresno
Mustered in April 14th, 1911
Veterans Memorial Hall, K.P. Hall, R and Merced Sts.
President.....Mrs. Irene Nascio
Sr. Cice-Pres. Mrs. Etta Watkins
Chaplain.....Miss Mattie Bates
Treasurer.....Mrs. Nadine Ellis
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Olive Paltridge
Press Correspondent..... Miss Mabel Bates
Secretary.....Mrs. Gladys Boltinghouse

9. Anna Ella Carroll          W. Los Angeles
Mustered in April 27, 1911
Verterans Memorial Hall, 1770 Beloit Ave.
President...... Mrs. Anna Lofstrand
Sr.Vice Pres...... Mrs. Flora Bennett
Chaplain.....Mrs. Grace J. Lewis
Treasurer..... Mrs. May Brogan
Patriotic Instructer......Mrs. Anna Robinson
Secretary..... Mrs. Jennie Stewart

10.Sarah A. Rounds     Santa Ana
Mustered in August 1, 1911
Moose Hall
President Mrs. Pearl Nelson
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Mary Kilgore
Chaplain..... Mrs. Jessie Overton
Treasurer..... Mrs. Esther Gardner
Patriotic Instructer.....Mrs. Oma Arnold
PressCorrespondent.....Mrs. Florence Perry Secretary.........Mrs. Addie H. Gardner

11. Dolly Madison     San Fransico
Mustered in March 18, 1912
War Memorial Bldg. Van Ness and McAllister
President..... Mrs. Aurelia Carol
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Maude Preston
Chaplain..... Mrs. May Callos
Treasurer.....Mrs. Nellie Smith
Patriotic Instructor......Mrs. Maude Stoudt
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Ethel Potts
Secretary.....Mrs. Elizabeth Nelson
****War Memorial Opera Bldg. Still Stands****

13. Elizabeth N. Call  Bakersfield
Mustered in April 25, 1916
Memorial Hall 19th and F sts.
President.....Mrs. Belva Stewart
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. June Alford
Chaplain..... Mrs. Rosa Marks
Treasurer..... Mrs. Georgia Fransico
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Vernie Sprague
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Mae Moon
Secretary.....Mrs. Winnifred E. Ketchem

14. Clara Barton       Los Angeles
Mustered in July 18, 1917
Patriotic Hall 1816 S. Figueroa St.
President.....Mrs. Etta Reichard
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Mirian Vargas
Chaplain.....Mrs. Lucy Kaiser
Treasurer.....Miss May McCamley
Patriotic Instructor.....Miss Johanna Dreher
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Elsie Parsons Collins
Secretary.....Mrs. Beatrice Smith
****Patriotic Hall still stands****

15. Emily R. Jewel      Long Beach
Mustered in July 18, 1917
Veterans Memorial Bldg. 3rd and Cedar
President.....Mrs. Clar Lounsbury
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Emma Stanford
Chaplain.....Mrs Edith Hoyt
Treasurer.....Mrs. Bernice Hamble
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Maggie Finley
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Emma McKissick
Secretary.....Mrs. Ina Jean Ragan
**** Patriotic Hall on Figueroa still stands****
17. Helen Jean Christie     Los Angeles
Mustered in Nov. 15, 1919
Patriotic Hall, 1816 FigueroaSt.
President.....Mrs. Florence Gillings
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Verna B. Sage
Chaplain.....Mrs. Hazel Chapman
Treasurer.....Mrs. Ruth Emory
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Elizabeth Kellog
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Violet Self
Secretary.....Mrs. Mary Carpenter
****Patriotic Hall still stands****

18. Amanda Jane Norton     Glendale
Mustered in March 25, 1920
902 Glendale Ave.  D.A.V. Hall
President.....Mrs. Aimee C. Mingay
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Dollie Kapple
Chaplain.....Mrs. Susie B. Peck
Treasuerer.....Mrs. Cora Jones
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Sadie Zehring
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Gertrude Davis
Secretary.....Mrs. Marion McKelvey

19. Lucretia Garfield    Pasadena
Mustered in May 27, 1920
Club House, 170 E. Villa St.
President.....Mrs. Cora Herr McHenry
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Louise Buckminster
Chaplain..... Mrs. Frances Smith
Treasurer.....Mrs. Daisy Pomeroy
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Mary Kennedy
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Ethel Whinery
Secretary.....Mrs. Bertha M. Palmer

21. Mary B. Hancock      Stockton
Mustered in Feb 24, 1921
Civic Memorial Auditorium
President..... Mrs. Ina Laiblin
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Frances Colp
Chaplain.....Mrs. Nellie Howe
Treasurer.....Miss Pearl Hardacre
Patriotic Intructor.....Mrs. Eliza Day
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Mary Doan
Secretary.....Mrs. Hallie Lewallen
****Civic Memorial Auditorium****

22. Laura Bell Stoddard   Santa Babara
Mustered in March 4, 1921
Veterans Memorial Bldg. 112 W. Cabrillo Blvd.
President..... Mrs. Clara E. King
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Ella Heath
Chaplain.....Miss Helen Sloanaker
Treasurer..... Miss Minnie Stevens
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Grace Clodfelter
Press Correspondent....Mrs. Lillian Sweeney
Secretary.... Mrs. Marion E. Howe
****Veterans Memorial Bldg. still standing****

23.  Mary A. Newcomb      Sacremento
Mustered in March 7, 1921
Memorial Hall / Court House Bldg.
President..... Mrs. Viola Savage
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Rae Tidball
Chaplain..... Mrs. Effie Fulton
Treasurer.....Mrs. Ella J. Jackson
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Mamie Wilkening
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Lucia Thomas
Secretary.....Mrs. Eva Hughart

24. Barbara Frietchie   Whittier
Mustered in March 26, 1921
Patriotic Hall, 555 S. Greenleaf St.
President..... Mrs. Emmie Burrows
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Gladis Holt
Jr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Clara Irvine
Chaplain.....Mrs. Mary Jane Corbin
Treasurer.... Mrs. Bessie Flagg
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Florence Pease
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Nettie Hewett
Secretary.....Mrs. Mimi Smith

25. Isabel Barrett      Pamona
Mustered in March 28, 1921
Community Hall, 172 Monterey
President Mrs. Etta Farr
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Linnie E. Biles
Chaplain.....Mrs. Maud McComas Reaben
Treasurer.....Mrs. Mary E Wheeler
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Gertrude Kenyon
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Mea Newman
Secretary.....Mrs. Mae A. Coates

26. Anna S. Truehart   Pacific Grove
Mustered in April 2, 1921
Methodist Church
President.....Mrs. Laura Howland
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Emma Gehringer
Chaplain.....Mrs. Millie Birks
Treasurer.....Mrs. Mrs. Anna Clyde Cooper
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Cara Doney
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Millie Birks
Secretary....Mrs. Blanche Brine

27. Christine Whitman     San Pedro
Mustered in April 19, 1921
I.O.O.F  Hall, 10th and Gaffey
President..... Mrs. Elsie Walker
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Edna Wade
Chaplain.....Mrs. Virginia Curtis
Treasurer..... Mrs. Nan Palmer
Patriotic Instructer.....Mrs. Julia Fuller
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Ada Bowen
Secretary..... Mrs. Harriet Genther

Addie Ballou            San Fransico
Mustered in April 30, 1921
Veterans Memorial Bldg.
President.....Mrs. Edith Beeson
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Blanche Hoff
Chaplain.....Mrs. Agnes Farrell
Treasurer.... Miss Nettie Libbing
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Marie Sibell
Press Correspondent..... Miss Ada Hard
Secretary..... Mrs. Mary Irene Palmer

29. Mary Ann Spencer      Los Angeles
Mustered in May 4, 1921
Patriotic Hall, Figueroa
President..... Mrs. June Harrison
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Hannah Vender Heyden
Chaplain.....Mrs. Ethel Scovil
Treasurer..... Mrs. Lou Klein
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Nina Morrison
Secretary..... Mrs. Edna Wagner

31. Rachel Allen      Ocean Park
Mustered in Oct15, 1921
Patriotic Hall, 2621 Washington Blvd.
President.....Mr. Nelle Cotton
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Anna Stevens
Chaplain.....Mrs. Rosalie Hyde
Treasurer.....Mrs. Gertrude Jensen
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Daisy Beecher
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Iren Pratt
Secretary..... Mrs. Alice Koestlin

32. Julia Dent Grant     Berkley
Mustered in Jan 9, 1922
Veterans Memorial Bldg. 1931 Center St.
President..... Mrs. Myrtice Sinclair
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Bertha Clarrage
Chaplain.....Mrs. Edith Chasteen
Treasurer....Mrs. May Boynton
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Carrie Brandes
Press Correspondant.... Mrs. Ada Provis
Secretary..... Miss May O'Malley

33. C. Alice Baker     Santa Cruz
Mustered in May 1, 1922
Veterans Memorial Hall, 17 Front St.
President..... Mrs. Banche Wilberding
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Ethel Bundy
Chaplain..... Mrs. Neta Schroebel
Treasurer..... Mrs. Amy McLain
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Elinore Wilhof
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Ida May Lewis
Secretary..... Mrs. Laura Stocking

37. Irene Dutton    Lodi
Mustered in March 5, 1923
Pythian Hall, 21 1/2 W. Pine St.
President.... Mrs. Mae  Rohfleisch
Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Nettie Woest
Chaplain.....Mrs. Bessi Rothwell
Treasurer..... Mrs. Lynette Shinn
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Lena Brown
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Bessie Rothwell
Secretary, Mrs. Laura Stocking
38. Elizabeth Stone    Modesto
Mustered in March 8, 1923
Modesto Library Bldg.  14th and I Sts.
President..... Mrs.  Florence McBratney
Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Elizabeth Rucker
Chaplain..... Mrs. Ollie Porter
Treasurer..... Mrs. Alive Shinn
Partiotic Instructor..... Mrs. Isabelle Elling
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Bessie Rothwell
Secretary.....Mrs. Ethel Bovee

40. Betsy Ross     Compton
Mustered in July 24, 1923
V.F.W. Hall     Magnolia St.
President..... Mrs. Genevieve Higgins
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Mae Blakslee
Chaplain..... Mrs. Pearl Stearns
Treasurer..... Mrs. Doris Heustis
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Ruth Pool
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Mae Warr
Secretary..... Mrs. Harriet Harlin
45.  Elizabeth Darby   Los Angeles
Mustered in April 24, 1925
Patriotic Hall, 1816 S. Figuera St.
President..... Mrs.VictoriaBird
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs.Margaret Patterson
Chaplain.....Mrs. Martha Hinkley
Treasurer..... Mrs. Rosie Sands
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. Alice M. Kiser
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Clara Miller
Secretary..... Mrs.  Christina D. Ullrich

46. Mary E. Gabler     Huntington Park
Mustered in May 2, 1925
Patriotic Hall, Miles and Zoe St.
President..... Mrs. Lenore Miller
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Ellen Wilson
Chaplin.....Mrs. Lillian Gardiner
Treasurer..... Mrs. Clara Nelson
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Clara Rife
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Cordeliea Barrowman
Secretary..... Mrs. Minne Vose
48.  Mrs. Mary Brainard   Ontario
Mustered in July 14, 1925
Memorial Hall, Ontario ,209 I St.
President..... Mrs. May Strawn
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. Olive Smale
Chaplain..... Mrs. Clara Tilden
Treasurer.....Miss Martha Cease
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Catherine Evans
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Bessie Smith
Secretary..... Mrs. Jennie E. Gilliland

52. Elzira Houdyshell      Inglewood
Mustered in August 28, 1925
Elks Temple, 317 So. La Brea
President..... Mrs. Eva Wolford
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. Edna Lloyd
Chaplain.....Mrs. Elizabeth Young
Treasurer..... Miss Amanda Ortmeyer
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Jessie Hood
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. JennieShirley
Secretary..... Mrs. Marie Crawford
54.  Mary A. Logan     Orange
Mustered in March 23, 1926
Parish Hall, Maple and Grand
President...... Mrs. Mary Webster
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Henrietta Prichard
Chaplain..... Mrs. Olive Jones
Treasurer..... Mrs. Belle Barnes
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Grace Durfee
Press Corrrespondent..... Mrs. Hattie siegfried
Secretary..... Mrs. Gertrude Douglass

55. Margaret Hayes       Hollywood
Mustered in April 27, 1927
I.O.O.F. Hall, 1089 Oxford Ave.
President..... Mrs. Harriet Holsinger
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Ida Baker
Chaplain.... Mrs. Anna Reilly
Treasurer.... Mrs. Amy Von Rydingword
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs Sadie Schnell
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Ellen Hutto
Secretary..... Mrs. Fary Klaffki
56.  Mary Jame France    San Fransico
Mustered in May 2, 1928
Veterans Memorial Bld. Van Ness and McAllister Sts.
President......  Mrs. Georgia Horan
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Grace Rowland
Chaplain.....Mrs. Ada Belle Wagner
Treasurer.....Mrs. Clara Blackford
Patriotic Instructor.....Mrs. May Brown
Secretary..... Mrs. Elizabeth Day

57. Sarah Bush Lincoln     Riverside
Mustered in in April 25, 1929
W.O.W  Hall, 7th and Main Sts.
President..... Mrs. Anna Vandiviere
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Emma Porter
Chaplain..... Mrs. Maud Brown
Treasurer.....Mrs. Mary Michealbacher
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Gertrude Raugh
Press Correspondent.....Mrs. Iola Hunt
Secretary.....Mrs. Daisy Beal

58.  Anna Etheridge     Long Beach
Mustered in March 10, 1930
Veterans Memorial Bldg. Broadway and Cedar
President..... Mrs. Dora Schmoll
Sr. Vice-Pres.....Mrs. Jeanette Townsend
Chaplain..... Mrs. Lillian Bateman
Treasurer..... Mrs. Florence Chadwick
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Laura Wohlemuth
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Elzora Neistrath
Secretary..... Mrs. Tyron Richardson

59. Helen M. Burnell     Temple City
Mustered in Nov 20, 1930
Masonic Bldg. 2122 Los Tunis
Presidnet..... Mrs. Sadie Brome
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Anna Walker
Chaplain..... Mrs. Grace Banker
Treasurer.....Mrs. Evelyn Smith
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Gertrude Powers
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Pansie Keys
Secretary..... Mrs. Maud C. Irish

60.  Jennie L. Hogan   Oakland
Mustered in March 16, 1931
Veterans Memorial Bldg. Grand Ave and Harrison
President..... Mrs. Anna P. Jost
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Cora Schafer
Chaplain..... Mrs. Agnes Waters
Treasurer..... Mrs. Edna Steele
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Nae Sparke
Press Correspondent.....Miss Clara Barton
Secretary..... Mrs. Alice Johnson

61.  Martha M. Kendall   San Bernadino
Mustered in April 7, 1931
I.O.O.F Hall, 675 3rd St.
President..... Mrs. Clara Quigley
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Florence Wilson
Chaplain..... Mrs. Jennievieve Hasty
Treasurer..... Mrs. Ethel Ward
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Camelia Maloche
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Sarah Waffle
Secretary..... Mrs. Ola Ruch

62.  Maria A. Russell    Turlock
Mustered in May 6, 1931
American Legion Hall
President..... Mrs. Alice S. Smith
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Grace Pedigo
Chaplain..... Mrs. Ernestine Hodgins
Treasurer..... Mrs. Louise Patterson
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Charlotte Beach
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Uma Ray
Secretary..... Mrs. Aletha Justice

63. Louisa M. Alcott    Roseville
Mustered in Dec. 14, 1931
Memorial Hall   Park Drive
President..... Mrs. Sylvia Roberts
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Sana B. Flemming
Chaplain..... Mrs. Elsie Jerpe
Treasurer..... Mrs. October Otten
Patriotic Instructor..... Miss Fedelia Badger
Press Correspondent...... Mrs. Virginia Stephen
Secretary..... Mrs. Georgia Bush
64.  Phoebe Louise Tucker      Yube City
Mustered in Dec 15, 1931
I.O.O.F. Hall  2nd and Keyson
President..... Mrs. Lottie Rockholt
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Dorothy Huntington
Chaplain..... Mrs. Minnie Knight
Treasurer..... Mrs. Laura Davis
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Mayme Kuehn
Secretary..... Mrs. Lilly McDaniel

68.   Mary  Todd      Napa
Mustered in Jan 24, 1933
226 Randolf St.
President..... Mrs. Sarah Graham
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Ida Van Pelt
Chaplain..... Mrs. Florence Graves
Treasurer..... Mrs. Celeste Bennett
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Grace Graham
Secretary..... Mrs. Grace Graham
69. Valerie T Jones  Redlands
Mustered in Jan 19, 1934
Y.W.C.A. Bldg.
President..... Mrs. Grace Worley
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Helen Walsh
Chaplain..... Mrs. Emma Cryer
Treasurer..... Mrs. Lillian Stanley
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Rhoda Marsh
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Esther Perry
Secretary..... Mrs. Emma A. Goodwin

71. Mary Morris Husband     No. Sacramento
Mustered in March 6, 1935
American Legion Club House
President..... Mrs. Edith Nathan
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. Maude Parson
Chaplain..... Mrs.  Lydia Fowler
Treasurer.... Mrs. Lois Hack
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Ermina Koklanis
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Hilma Higgins
Secretary..... Mrs. Florence Van Voorhies
72.   Anna Maria Ross     El Centro
Mustered in March 22, 1935
Veterans Hall
President..... Mrs.  Lillian A. Renz
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. Grace Kinnard
Chaplain..... Mrs. Angie E. Mabrey
Treasurer.....Mrs. Elizabeth Mealey
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Mildred Ryerson
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle
Secretary..... Mrs. Alberta Gathright

74.  Frances E. Willard     Redondo Beach
Mustered in Feb 27, 1939
I.O.O.F. Hall  107 No.  Catalina Ave.
President..... Mrs. Grace Knapp
Sr. Vice-Pres.  Mrs. Grace Ellis
Chaplain..... Mrs. Orva Wilson (they misspelled Orpha)
Treasurer..... Mrs. Emma Evans
Patriotic Instructer..... Mrs. Annie Geary
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. May Sturges
Secretary..... Mrs. Bertha Williams

75. Mary A. Livermore   San Leandro
Mustered in August 19, 1942
VeteransMemorial Bldg.
President..... Mrs. Irene Paulsen
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Ella G. Cronin
Chaplain..... Mrs. May Karton
Treasurer.....Mrs. Helen Weylan
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Marion Howard
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Barbara Ellis
Secretary..... Mrs. Pearl Nesbit

76.  Geraldine E. Fisbie    Redwood City
Mustered in Sept. 16, 1944
I.O.O.F Hall
President..... Mrs. Sophia Thiltgen
Sr. Vice Pres..... Mrs. May Monroe
Treasurer.... Mrs. Louis Geske
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Elouise Campbell
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Elouise Campbell
Secretary..... Mrs. Louie Heil (maybe Louise Heil)
77. Rhoda Dyer     Monterey Park
Mustered in March 19, 1946
I.O.O.F Temple, 302 So. Ramona
President.... Mrs. Josephine M. Vargo
Sr. Vice-Pres..... Mrs. Lila Fisk
Chaplain..... Mrs. Louise Haddox
Patriotic Instructor..... Mrs. Mildred Johnson
Press Correspondent..... Mrs. Katherine Culp
Secretary..... Mrs. Katherine Culp

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