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18 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson (Spencer)

This was written by Robert H. Wilson, residing in Los Angeles, and was sent to his wife Orpha in St. Louis MO.  Their first child will be born in July 1905.  The woman Robert is referring to is his wife Florence in Newark, New Jersey.  Click here to see more items relating to Los Angeles.  Click here to see more items that relate to St Louis, MO.  Click here to see the full collection of Orpha's letters.

                         Los Angeles
                        January 18" 05
My Dearest little wife
I am Sorry to Say
that I did not get
a letter from you
to day I sapose I
wet get 2 tomorrow
Dearest I have two
letters from that
women in Newark
Dearest she has
the nearve to ask
me to come back
to her and care
for her Dearest I
would rather D

Live the Rest of
my Days in Jail
than to have to
live with that
women a gain
sweete heart I think
she has done all
that she can now
that she cant do
aney moor She
would like to
have me come
back to her.  Dearest
I gues I will
have to do whate
Ever is done to

get free of this
women I dont think
the Ass will
help her aney moor
and she has no
other means of
prosacuting me
Dearest I will
send you one of
her letters so you
can get an eydia
of her fealings
Dearest you must
Burn it as soon as you Read it

Dearest I am Wright
in a hurry as I
got up lait a gain
Sweete heart you are
the ondley wife I
have and and the
one that has all
my love Dearest
have courage and
all will come
out Right Just think
of me and our Baby and
try and be Happy
Love and kisse from
Your Loving Husband

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