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30 June 1905 Partial Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson

There are a small amount of partial letters.  I don't want them to completely disappear so I am making a post for those as well, in order I found them in the box the letter were store in.  Click here to see more items that relate to Los Angeles.  Click here for more items that relate to St. Louis.  Click here to see the other items Orpha saved.
       Los Angeles, Cal. June 30,1905
                My dear wife
I Recieved four
letter of the 25"
& 26 both of them
at the same  time
 so I did not look
for aney to night
I did not wright
[bottom half of page missing]

they are very pretty and
I am shure you will
like them, Dearest I am
sorry the hot weather keepes up
so long and you have to
suffer so from it we do
not get out real hot weather
hear until Sept & October
they tell me that these

18 June 1905 Partial Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson

This is a letter written by Robert Wilson to wife Orpha. There are scraps of letters from this time period.  Click here for more items relating to Los Angeles, CA.  Click here for more items relating to St. Louis, MO. Click here to see more letters that Orpha saved.

[Image]       Sunday
 Ocean Park.
                  Los Angeles, Cal. June 18 1905
                 My Dearest wife
I recievd your letter of the 13th
and you say your are Sewing
our Baby clothes yet Dearest
you must have a tremendious
word robe for Baby how I
would love to See all the
little things you have maid
they shure must be pretty
Dearest I do hope you
have good luck with our
Expected Baby and that it
will live to wair all thir
little clothes you have maid

Dearest I hope you are
standing the warm weather
all right if you was
hear you would not have
to suffer so with the heat
to day is just beautifuell
not to warm or to coald I
will be glad when the
time comes when you can
come to me and Injoy this
beautyfuell Country, Dearest
their has just ben a fire
about two Blocks from hear
I stopped wrighting to go and
see it, it was a little
cottage it looks a shame to
See a little home ruined by

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18 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha Wilson (Spencer)

This was written by Robert H. Wilson, residing in Los Angeles, and was sent to his wife Orpha in St. Louis MO.  Their first child will be born in July 1905.  The woman Robert is referring to is his wife Florence in Newark, New Jersey.  Click here to see more items relating to Los Angeles.  Click here to see more items that relate to St Louis, MO.  Click here to see the full collection of Orpha's letters.

                         Los Angeles
                        January 18" 05
My Dearest little wife
I am Sorry to Say
that I did not get
a letter from you
to day I sapose I
wet get 2 tomorrow
Dearest I have two
letters from that
women in Newark
Dearest she has
the nearve to ask
me to come back
to her and care
for her Dearest I
would rather D

Live the Rest of
my Days in Jail
than to have to
live with that
women a gain
sweete heart I think
she has done all
that she can now
that she cant do
aney moor She
would like to
have me come
back to her.  Dearest
I gues I will
have to do whate
Ever is done to

get free of this
women I dont think
the Ass will
help her aney moor
and she has no
other means of
prosacuting me
Dearest I will
send you one of
her letters so you
can get an eydia
of her fealings
Dearest you must
Burn it as soon as you Read it

Dearest I am Wright
in a hurry as I
got up lait a gain
Sweete heart you are
the ondley wife I
have and and the
one that has all
my love Dearest
have courage and
all will come
out Right Just think
of me and our Baby and
try and be Happy
Love and kisse from
Your Loving Husband

21 May 1905 Money for Orpha from Robert H. Wilson

There is a tiny envelope, it says First Christian Church.  It looks like Robert is sending 100 dollars, and Orpha is getting 50.00  I could be misunderstanding.  Their first child will be born in July 1905.  I don't know if the money is for expenses, or Lawyers?  Click here to see more items relating to Los Angeles.  Click here for more items relating to St. Louis.   Click here to see other items Orpha saved.

First Christian Church
Date May 21 1905 Am't $ 50/100
Name Mrs R. H. Wilson
Address 723 Kohler St.

Los Angeles

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28 February 1905 Letter from Julius H. Spencer to Mrs. Florence Wilson

This was written to Mrs. Florence Wilson (living in Newark) his brother in law's wife.  I am unsure how we have this letter, unless he wrote two, and gave one to Orpha (his sister) - Robert's other wife.  Orpha Spencer my great great grandmother saved a generous handful of letters.  Click here to see all the letters she saved.  Click here for other items that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here for items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  

St. Louis Mo. 2/28/05
Mrs Florence Wilson,
Dear Friend
I received kind & most
welcome letter, glad to
hear from you & glad that
you arrived safely home
I know that you must hafe had
a sorrowful journey home.  I
of loved to seen you off, but
you know how I was -
situated, I thought that
Rob would come back or I would
of went to the train with
you, I see you remember
what I said, about being
Your friend, And I
meant every word I said

I dont go back on what
I say.. You said that I
was very kind to you
while you were out
here, Well why shouldnt
I of ben, We were both
stung by the same wasp
how I would have loved
to show you more
kindness had it ben
in my power. But you
know how tore up I was
I will send you a copy
of my sisters marriage lisc
license I got them today
you ask me if I know
Robs wherebouts I dont
I havent seen him since
he left the house
I thought possibly he
might, repear and go

back to New York, If I
find out where he is I
will let you know
you ask me if my sister
was still with me she is
But is not feeling very
well, she took it very
hard.  she sends her
regards,  And glad you
arrived safely home
You mentioned me
coming to New York It
is possible, I am figuring
on a position with the
Westing House Air Brake
Co.  And if I get in I will
come to New York and
would be glad to see you

I know that you would
make my stay in New York
as pleasant as possible for
I believe that you are a good
kind hearted woman.  I
dont see how in the world
Rob could have treated
you the way he did.  He
must have a heart of stone
that is if he has any I have
often wondered since I
saw you how he could
left you as he did,
Do you think his folks put
him up to leave you or
did he get old nick in
him, now answer and
let me know if you
get the copy all right
I would of wrote long
ago But I hated to bring

bring up your troubles
fresh to your memory
again, For the sooner
we forget the sooner
our minds is at ease
now if you will answer
It will please me very
much and if I can find
out where Mr Wilson
is I will surley let
you know his address
for I think it is no more
than my duty I
am ever willing to prove
me self as a friend
I know you have an -
[??????] in getting thoes
papers and if I can-

in any way assist you
I will gladly do so
I hope this will find
you enjoying good health
and hoping to hear from
you soon.  I remain
sincerely your friend
  J. H. Spencer
 6158 Ella Ave
 St. Louis MO

Newark, New Jersey Letters, Documents, etc.

This page will have links to any letters, documents, newspaper articles, etc. that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here to get to the basic timeline of Newark.  Click here to get to the cities of Essex County.  Click here to see the Counties of New Jersey. Click here to get to the list of States.  

28 February 1905 Letter from Julius H. Spencer to Florence Wilson

Basic Timeline of Newark, New Jersey

This is meant to be a very basic timeline of events that could have affected your Ancestors lives.  Click here for any articles, letters, etc. that relate to Newark, New Jersey.  Click here for the list of cities in Essex.  Click here for the list of Counties in New Jersey.  Click here to go to the State list.  

1666-  Robert Treat and other Puritans purchase land from Hackensack Tribe
1743 - Trinity Church Built
1754 - 1763 French and Indian Wars
1765 - 1783 War of independence
1780 - Newark raided by British Forces
1787 - First Presbyterian Church Established
1791 - Woods Newark Gazette starts publication
1797 - Newark Fire Association Founded
1803 - Newark Female Charitable Society Founded
1832 - Newark Daily Advertiser Newspaper begins publication
1832 - Cholera Epidemic
1836 - Newark Incorporated as a city
1844 - Mount Pleasant Cemetery founded
1846 - New Jersey Historical Society located in Newark 
1849 - Newark Daily Mercury Paper starts publication
1849 - 1855 Cholera Outbreaks
1850 - Bethel Mission Founded
1853 - Newark Daily Eagle begins publication
1857 - City Police Department started
1857 - Newark Orphan Asylum built
1861 - 1865 - Civil War
1866 - 1867- Cholera Epidemic 
1869 - 1950 Newark City Cemetery was in use for the indigent
1874 - St. Stephens Church built
1884 - Prince Street Synagogue built
1885 - American Soccer tournament held
1888 - First Baptist Peddie Memorial Church built
1889 - Newark Free Public Library built
1894 - Sacred Heart of Jesus Church built 
1914 - 1918 - WW1
1935 - Newark City Subway begins operation
1939 - 1945 - WW2