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1 January 1905 Letter from James Wilson to Brother Robert H. Wilson

This letter was written in Argenta, Ark. by James Wilson, and was sent to Robert H. Wilson.  Click here for more items related to Argenta, Ark.  Click here for more items that relate to Los Angeles, CA.  Click here for the full collection of Robert Wilson, and Orpha Spencer.

                           Jan 1
Dear Brother
      Your leter of the 30th
received was glad to
hear from you and
trust that you will
get Employment suitable
to your taste.
  I had a leter from
Lizzie asking for your
address as you did not
say anything about keeping
your address a secret I
gave it to her hoping I
done no wrong in doing
so  She also the girls
wer anxious about you
saying they could never
hear from you and they
worried a good deal about
you from the fact you
had ben arround them

so much and had ben
writing to them promptly
they seam to think that
you are in trouble; F
has ben to see Lizzie and
posibly she has ben teling
them a lot of Rot.
  I think the girls would
be much beter satisfyed if
you would wright them
more regular say every
two weeks.  Maria has
ben to see Lizzie says Jean
is beter but is afraid for
her says shedon eat and
worries all the time Maria
fears she isent going to
last a very long time
  The impresion I got of Jean
is that she worries to much
about thing that ought not

to concerne her She ought
to let the other fellow do the
Bert sent his mother 8.00
dolars I geus it was a
grate surprise to her.
  Father and the girls also
the Girls family are
 Wright often I will
take pleasure in answering
you leters.
    Jennie joins me in
sending love and hope
that you will be satisfyed
with the Golden State.
620 East Second street

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