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7 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was written in Chicago, Ill by Robert Wilson, and sent to Orpha May Spencer of St.Louis, MO.  Click here for more items that relate to Chicago, ILL.  Click here for more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here for the full collection of Orpha, and Robert.
                  Chicago Ill
            Sep 7/04
My Dear Sweete hart
I dont get your
letters until Eavening
now i have to go
all Day be for i
hear from you
you must have
changed the time
of mailing your
letters i like to
get them in the
morning Dearest i
am glad to hear
that you are fealing

and looking better
how i would like
to see you now
so i could tell you
how you look you
must keepe up
the Russels fats
i think it will
build you up
it helped me a
great deal i am
Sorry to hear that
your mother is
Complaining a gain
but i am glad to
Know that She is
not cross with
you sweete hart i
did not mean that

you should go to
Bessis House to
see her for i know
that her mother
would not welcome
you i do feal Sorry
for poor Bessie
Sweete hart you must
not get your self
worked up so it
makes you nervous
you have no caus
to worry about me
i am well as i can
be and will come
to you just as
Soon as i can
You can rest ashured
that i will never

 wright you and
declair thing off
as i did be for
nothing in this
world could persuaid
me to do that
i love you to mutch
for that you are
all i have to love
for now all my
future is in your
hands you can make
it what you will i
am satisted that
you will make it
Happy (top)

Dearest i
bought me
a Panama
Hat this
and i am
a fraid  i
will not
like i Paid
$ 3.90 for it!
it is a
bargain as
you would
say i will
close with love & kisses

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