Thursday, August 24, 2017

Black, African American Discrimination General Page

This page will contain links of articles, advertisements, etc. that I felt were discriminatory in nature, against black people in general.  I am primarily interested in Genealogy, but I found as I was combing through old newspapers for obituaries.  I was surprised to find in almost every paper I went through there was something derogatory in nature about a group of people whether it was based off color, sex, etc.. I am still transcribing family letters, but will be moving on to newspapers eventually.
***note:  I find so far through letters people are more or less a "product of their time".  I have been uncomfortable with the term African American, because I feel an American is an American period.  I also realize that some people take pride, and want to honor their heritage, and roots.  I will include both terms for the title of these posts***

Los Angeles

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