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9 January 1905 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Leah Stutes (Tena Spencer)

This letter was written to Mrs. Leah Spencer, by her son in law Robert H. Wilson.  Orpha Robert's wife saved many letters.  Click here to see the full collection of letters.  Click here to see more items that relate to Los Angeles, Ca.  Click here for more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.

              JAN 10
            9- AM

Mrs. Tena Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St. Louis

               Los Angeles
                Jan 9" 05
My Dear Mother
I Recieved Your
Kinde letter through
Orpha to Day and
you dont know how
good it makes me
feal to know i have
Your for giveness
and that You will
be kinde to my
dear good wife
I will do all in
my power to
make this great
mis take Right

and be a good
honest Husband to
Orpha I Love her
and I know She
Loves me in Re-
turn.  You said in
Your letter Mother
that you wanted
me to wright often
to Orpha bless your
heart I wright
Ever Day to her
Mother I think
this will be a
good country for
Orpha our weather

hear now is just
like May weather
Flowers in Bloom
and Oranges ready
to pick I tell you
it is the finest
Country I have
seen.  Orpha told
me in her last
letter that Rosey
lost her mother
I am sorry to
hear it She seam
to be a pleasant
Lady Orpha and
my self went

down to visite
them one Sunday
Mother tell July
I will wright
to him when I
get a little moor
aquianted hear
So I can tell
him all a bout
the place, I will
close for this time
with Love and best
wishes to all from
you sone  Bob
remember me to

My Address is
231 Kohler St
Los Angeles

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