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5 September 1904 Letter from Robert H Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was written by Robert H. Wilson who was living in Chicago at the time, to Orpha May Spencer, who was living in St. Louis.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here to see other items related to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see the full collection of Robert, and Orpha.

                Chicago, Ill
                Sep 5
               12 - M
Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave.
St. Louis

                                             Chicago  Ill
                                       Labor Day
                                                 Sept 5/04
My Dear Sweet hart
I Recieved your dear letter
this morning i was
so glad to get it
for i was lonesome
all Day Sunday with
out aney letter Sunday
is a dul Day for
me, i hope you
had a nice visite
Sunday i would
like so mutch if
i could have been
with you, Sweete hart

I am glad to Know
my letters are so
Comfurting to you
their is nothing
that please moor
than to know that
you are Happy
Dearest i never did
hear of aney body
wrighting letters on
a St Car it would
be a hard job for
me to wright on
a car it is a hard
job for me to wright
 on the Table it is
easyer for me to
wright to you than
aney body, i ever
corosponded with it
is a pleasure for
me to wright to
you, i have not
heard from Jean
Since i Saw you
i have ben looking
for a letter from
her for a long time
if i had to wait
as long for a letter
from you i would
be down to See
what was rong

Sweete hart i will
wright to Mr Berry
this weak and See
what he can do for
me i will let
you know just as
soon as i hear from
him i hope he
can give me my
old job back i dont
know if i told you
or not that he
Sent me a good
letter, Dearest i hope
this letter will finde
you well and Happy
will close for this
time with all my
Love and Kisses to You
Yours Bob

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