Thursday, August 24, 2017

Racism Through our Nations History at the Local Scale.

This page will be dedicated to Racism in Newspaper articles, letters, etc.  I will transcribe directly.  I will not change anything for political correctness.  I feel it is important to see how things actually were for the people who were living in the area at the time.  Hopefully we can remember, and learn from history.  This page will be organized by groups discriminated against, then broken down by area.  Since this is an ongoing project of mine, more groups / areas / years/ will be added as I come across and transcribe more information.  The bottom of this post will explain why I am adding this to my Genealogical Spot Blog.    

Black / African American


My main interest, and purpose of this guide, is to aid me in my research, and to have a place to keep letters, photos, news articles, etc.  When I was looking for obituaries in old papers, I noticed that most papers had something discriminatory in nature to a group, or sex.  After finding a letter from 1942 contain the slur Jap, I was thinking about how the author of the letter was a product of her generation.  Anti Japanese and Yellow Peril articles were common when she was a young lady in school.  I decided that after I transcribe my ancestor's letter, and document them here, I will add old articles to this blog by topic.  I will be putting a heavy focus on obituaries, racism, businesses, members of the community etc..  This blog is in it's early stages with only 230sh posts at the time of writing this, but I have high hopes for adding thousands more.  Maybe at some point I can add articles, and memorabilia from your home town.
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