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6 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was from Robert Wilson, to Orpha May Spencer.  Click here for more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here for more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see Orpha's full collection of letters.  

                    CHICAGO, ILL
                  LAKE VIEW STA

Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St. Louis MO
Chicago Ill
Sept 6/04
My Dearest Orpha  I
got both your
Dear letter from East
St Louis this Eavening
i was a fraid
you had for gotten
me i usuley get
Your letters in the
moorning Sweete hart
i am glad to hear
that you had a good
time in E St Louis
i am always glad
to hear that You

are injoying Your
Self it always makes
me Happy when
i know my Darling
Girl is Happy it
makes me Happy to See others Hapy
You must go over
and visite the
Jones Girls and
have a good time
i think it will do
You so mutch good
Dearest i have to
work Sundays and
Every Day that i dont
minde that i would
not know what to
do with my self

it i had a day
off if i was with
you it would be
diferent Sweete hart
i long to be with
you just as you
do to have me
i am going to
wright to Mr Berry
now that Rsay is
working and i
do hope he can
do something for
me the sooner
i can be with
you the better
i will like it.
they had a big
Parade hear Monday

i forgot to say that
i have two Boils
one on my setter
and Pickwicks at
all the Summer
Gardens Inclosed.
You will finde a
Badge of our labor
order Every member
got one whether
they praided or not
Sweete hart i am
Sleepy to night i am
going to bed now
maby i can Dream
of you i do Dream
of you once in a
while good night Love
and kisses
Yours Bob


A.A. OF S. & E.
   R.E. OF A.

The ribbon is so fragile, it falls apart as you touch it.
The company was a street car trolley electric railroad.

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