Tuesday, December 27, 2016

San Jose Historical Timeline

This is a basic timeline of important events in San Jose.  I am compiling information from broad internet searches and sites such as wikipedia.  It is just to help you have an idea of what was happening in the San Jose, during the lives of your ancestors.

Click (here) for San Jose historical documents / images etc. 

Ohlone Tribes occupy the area
1777 San Jose founded as a town
1797 - San Jose Mission Founded
1850 - San Jose is now part of the United States, and is first Captial of California
1851 - San Jose Weekly Visitor pubication begins
1855 - San Jose Telegraph newspaper publication begins
1861 - San Jose Daily Mercury publication begins
1864 - San Fransico and San Jose connected by railway 
1870 - Chinatown fire
1884 - Work on Winchester House begins
1889 - City Hall built
1895 - Post Office built
1906 - San Fransico earthquake
1909 - KQW Radio begins broadcasting
1933 - Spartan Stadium Opens
1937 - San Jose Civic Orchestra Opens
1949 - San Jose Municple Aiport opens

Useful Sites for Local Research
History San Jose - A historical organization

SFGenealogy.com  This is a great site I stumbled across, that has links to databases and more.  It has resources for many counties surrounding San Francisco

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