Sunday, July 23, 2017

M. A. CARL, Business Card St. Louis Ill

This is a card I came across that were with letters my great great grand mother saved.  I know she worked in a shop in St. Louis in 1904.  I don't know if this is where she worked, or if this was just a special place to her.  Click Here to see the all the items saved by Orpha Spencer, and Robert H. Wilson.  Click here for St. Louis letters documents etc..
 Phone:                                      Groceries and
Bell, East 349 -A.                      Staple Articles.
                                 Allied Printing
                                    Trades  Union Label   Council      75
                                     St. Louis MO
                    M. A.  Carl,
         Ice Cream Parlor and Lunch Room,
Cor. Collinsville Road and
Morris Avenue, (Lansdowne).                         East St. Louis, Ill.

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