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24 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

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       Chicago, Ill
          Aug 24
           8 30 AM
LakeView Sta  1904
Miss Orpha Spencer
4829 Delmar Ave
St. Louis     MO


                      Aug 24/04
My Dearest Orpha I
Recieved Your Dear
letter yesterday you
said in it you was
getting a bitfoolish
i think we are both
alike on that subject
sweete hart i mailed
you the Ring Tuesday
i sapose you have
it by this time i
hope you will like

it i think it is very
neat the store is
not very big but
it is a pure white
diamond about 1/8 carat
the clerk told me
if i got a $500 Ring
the stone would be
no better of course it
would be mutch
larger i got it in
the best house in
Chicago so i gues it
is OK sweete hart
i will be glad
when the time

comes when i can
buy you the Ring
that will Binde
us for Ever, Roy
that is my Nephews
name and the young
man of the house
and my self played
cards last night i
could not injoy
the game at all
i did not have
my Right Pardner
You know how we
Uste toalways
Play to gather if you

{Sweete hart i will
close for to day hoping
this letter will finde
you well and happy
Love and kisses to you
                     yours Bob}
was with me i
could injoued the
game Dearest You ask
if i am well i
am injoying the
best of health except
ing a little love
sick and i dont
think i will get
over that as long
as i stay in Chicago
nothing but chaing
will help that complaint


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