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31 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter belonged to Orpha May Spencer who was living in St. Louis at the time, and was written by Robert H. Wilson that was living in Chicago at the time.  Click here to see other items that relate to St. Louis, Mo.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.   Click here to view more letters that Orpha saved.
                              Aug 31 / 04
My Owen Dear Orpha
i am getting your
dear letters moor
regular now i
dont have to go
all day with out
one and i hope
you are getting your
the same i say
dear letters becaus
they are a great
pleasure to me at
this time i dont
know what i would
 do with out them
you say in your
letter that you are
ancious to see me
well dearest if you
moor ancious than
i am i Can Sympthise
with you how i would
love to be with you
at this time i would
hug you to Death
Sweete hart you must
not worry about
me i am well
and hope to soon
to be with you
Just as soon as
Ray gets to work
i will wright to

Mr Berry and see
if he can give me
my old job back
i will come if he
does or not i can
get work some place
Dearest you must
Keepe up taking
Russels Fats i think
it will help you
in time i feal
so mutch better
Since i took it
last winter i want
to see my Dear
girl fat and strong
when i com back
to St Louis it may
drive boils out an

you as it did me
if it does i hope
they dont com in
sutch a Place as
they did on me
i had one moor
come out sicne i
saw you it is all
gon now i hope
that will be the
last one sweete hart
tell me how Bessie
is getting on and
Hattie to Rember me
to Hattie when you (top)

 see her and
Mother and
the Boys
to i will
close  Dearest
with all
my Love
and Kisses
to the girl
i Love Yours
for Ever

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