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2 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was saved by Orpha, and was written by Robert Wilson.  She was in St. Louis, and he was in Chicago at the time.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, Mo.   Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.  Click here to see more letters, and some photos.
                                  Sept 2/ 04
My Dearest sweete hart
I am so glad to
hear that you are
fealing better and
i do hope your
mother will not
give you any
moor cause to worry
i am also glad
to hear that Lucys
hand is some better
the poor childe is
aflicted Enough now
Dearest you aught to

have a letter for
Every Day in the
weak for i maild
you one it must
be at the store i
sent two to the
Store be for you
told me that you
had left, Dearest
i am ancious to
know if Hattie
thinks aney thing
about going back
to Denver i would
like verry mutch
to go to Denver
for a while and
i think it would
be a fine place

for you be Sides
i want to see as
mutch of the
Country as possible
be for we Settle
down when i left
New York i intended
visiting all the
large Citys in the
Union i will be
contented with seaing
a few as long
as i can have
you for a Dear
little wife to
make the rest
of my life Happy
i think i can
have moor Real

Happyness with
you than i can
Romring this big
Country of ouers
one all by my
self sweete hart
i would love to
be with you at
this time, i think
Ray will get started
to work by the
first of the weak
i will be glad of
that then i will
com to St. Louis

         Part 2
Just as soon as
i can finde out
if i can get work
i dont think i
will have mutch
truble in getting
work Mr Berry
sent me a fine
letter he did
not com to
Chicago as he
said he would
i will wright
to him as soon
as Ray gets started
and see what
he can do for me.

Sweete hart i will
have to close
for this time
hoping to hear
Soon that Russels
fats are making
you Strong and
fat and good
natured i Remain
as Ever your Loving
Love and Kisses to
You and best
wishes to all

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