Monday, July 17, 2017

30 July 1904 Partial Letter from Dr. James O. Lee to Miss Orpha May Spencer

This is a partial letter. It was in an envelope dated July 30, 1904.  It belonged to Miss Orpha May Spencer, and is now part of a family collection.  To view the full collection please click here.
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Miss Orpha Spencer
St. Louis
6158. Ella ave
well sweetheart i wish
i could have been
with you Sunday
i was so lonsome all
day that I didnt know
what to do with myself
you know in a small
town there is no place
to go and i dont care
for the company of
the people here so
you se i spend the
time all by myself
i have very nice
office and i keep
it nice because
that is the only
Home i have got

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