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14 July 1904 Letter from Dr. James O. Lee to Miss Orpha Spencer

This letter is part of a private collection the belonged to Orpha Spencer. Click here to view the full collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more items that relate to Worthing, SD.

Worthing July 14 -04
mydear Friend
Orpha Spencer
St. Louis
I rec your letter
this afternoon and i
will write again at
once but can not mail
it before tomorrow as
it is no train before
that time dear i
am glad to know that
you will forgive
me for everything
and that you want
to be my friend But
as you did not answer
what i ask you if you

wanted to meet me
again i take it for
granted that you
dont care to be
any thing more and
a friend of mine
and, dear i will not
blame you any you
are the only one
that i ever loved
and i love you
today, and think that
i allways will
Dear friend you did
not say in your
last letter if you
wanted to hear from
me aur not so i
will not tire you

with a long letter
but if you wish me
to write i will be
glad to do so and dear
i would like to
hear from you
again I have been
very lonesome oflate
and the time is
long, but i do hope
the day will come
when i can be happy
like many others
my best regards and
good wishes to give
With love

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