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3 September 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This is a letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer.  Click here to see more items that reference St. Louis.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.   Click here to see other items from the collection.

Chicago, Ill
    Sep 3
8 30 AM
Lake View Sta.

Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St Louis

                       Sept 3/04
My Dear Orpha I
just recieved a letter
from you dated
Aug 22 it had
post marks on it
it was addressed all
Right i cant under
Stand whair it
was all this time
i also got my daley
letter they are coming
on time now.
tomorrow is Sunday
Sweete hart and how

I would like to
be with you Sunday
is a lonsome Day
if i could be with
you tomorrow how
Happy i would be
i do hate to work
on sundays i hope
the next position
i get will not
have to work on
Sundays.  Sweete hart
Ray got started to
work to night he
is in the same
shop i am in he
has a good job he
gets $12.50 per weak
i think that is

good wages for
a Boy his age
he is not 18 years
old yet their is
no reason why
he should not get
a long i done
for him all i
Promised to do i
told him i would
get him work and
give him a start
then he would
have to hussel for
him Self You say
he may want to
com to St Louis
when i do [???]
dont but what he

would like to he
thinks a great
deal of his Uncle
Bob in fact all
of my sisters
children take to
me a great deal
but i could not
be burdened with
him i have all
i can do to look
out for my owen
intrest i told him
be fore he came
that i did not

intend to stay
long in Chicago
so dont be mad
to be disapointed
Sweete hart i am
ancious to know
if Ed and Hattie
has any intentions
of going back to
Denver i would
love to go their
for a while,
tell  Ge[mine?] for me
i hope he has
good luck in his

 examinatiuons he
will finde it
the hardes thing
he Ever got up
against i had a
friend in New York
take the examination
i never heard of
him passing You
have to get 98 to
pass.  Dearest the
panzy you sent
me was Pressed so
hard that it maid
a nice impresion
on the letter we
have lot of flowere
in our garden we
have a boquett on

the table all the
time i am verry
fond of flowers when
we go to Calafornia
we can have them
all year Round
and you can
have your Big
Tom Cat to i no
you would like
to have one So
mutch.  Dearest i
hope it will not
be long when i
can be with you
now that Ray has
started to work i
am a fraid things
are going to be

verry dull in
St Louis this
winter i would
not like to get
laid off if i can
after working a
cupple of months
at aney rait i
will see what i
can do i do want
to be with you
so mutch i will
close for this time
with all my Love
and Kisses for you
Yours Bob

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