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17 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter was saved by Orpha May Spencer, and is now part of a family collection.  Click here to see other letters, and documents from this family collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more items that relate to Chicago, Ill.

Horm 65. 5M.3-12-04      2881
Chicago Consolidated Traction Co.
Graceland Station
                  Chicago, Aug 17 1904
My Dearest Orpha I Just
Recieved your two letters
and Ring i was going
to ask you to send it
but you saved me the
trouble Dearest i will
try and Send  you
one next weak.  I am
glad to know that you
have started on Russels
fats i do hope it will
build you up you say
you are going to get
your glasses fixed i
would not bother with
them i think it will
be better for you to
get your Eyes tested &
get glasses that will
suit your Eyes best
Dearest you wonder if

My Nephew is coming
out hear to finde
out my moovements
i dont think it is
as bad as that i mater
little to me what he
came for i will treat
him good i am past
21 and quite able to
take care of my owen
affairs nothing short
of Death Can Stop me
i have maid up my
as to the future and
will go through with
it at any Cost Dearest
dont be worried Every
thing will Come out all
Right i am happy to
know that Some Day
you will be all mine

You ask about the letter
and Telegram i distroyed
them.  Sweete Hart i think
it would do you all
the good in the world
to go out in the
Country to your friends
and stay as long as you
can one Day is not
mutch i would love to
See You get Strong &
healthy i am glad to
hear that you are taking
moor Interest in Your
Sunday School & Social
You must get your
minde taken up with
happy thoughts and not
be worring & fretting
any moor get Strong and worry [t?]

Dearest I am Sorry the
Ivy Poisen bothers
You yet i did injoy
that Day so mutch i
though it was our last
Day to gether thank goodness
it is not so Just a
little Patience and we
will soon be to gether
for keepes Just as Soon
as i Can See my way
clear i will come to you
if i was not so foolish
and spent all the Money
i had when i come
hear i could be with
you now but their is
no use crying over
spilt milk Dearest i am
in the Shop i want to
get this off by noon

so you can get it to
morrow if i waited un
till night i would not
hear from You so soon
will close now Love
for the time i cant
think of any moor to
say at this time. Excuse
Bill head will do better
next time
from one that Loves
You Dearly        Bob

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