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10 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

Click here to see other items that relate to St. Louis, MO.         Click here to see other items that relate to Chicago, ILL. This letter belonged to Miss Orpha May Spencer.  It is now part of a private family collection.  Robert lived in Chicago at the time, while Orpha lived in St. Louis.  Click here to see other items from their collection.  

                                     Aug 10/04
My Dearest Orpha
I did not get any
letter from you to
day  You dont know
how disapointed i
was you have got
me in the habit
of looking for a
letter Every day i
am a fraid the store
is taking up all
of your time

Sweete Hart i just
got a surprise My
Nephew just came
since i started
this letter so now
i will finish it
he did not send
me word that he
would be hear to
day so i did not
look for him.
Dearest i am afraid
i am going to get
a head of you in
wrighting this
Something unusual

 for me to wright
so often i am
moor ancious Every
Day to hear from
You i hope it will
not be long when
we will not have
to wright i would
love to be with
you to night i
beleave i get lonsome
Every Day for you
if i coulf just
give you a good
hug and a kiss
right now i would

feal better for it
Sweete hart it is
getting late and
Roy that is my
nephew is tired
so we will have
to go to bed i
will close for
this time with a
good nigh and a
big B[???] of Kisses
from [???] that loves
you moor Ever Day

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