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29 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Wilson

This letter was saved by Orpha May Spencer, and is now part of a private collection. Click here to see other material that relates to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more items related to Chicago, Ill. Click here to see more of the collection.

Chicago, Ill
   Aug 30
9 30 A
Miss Orpha Spencer
6158 Ella Ave
St Louis   MO

            Aug 29/ 04
My Dearest Orpha I
Recieved two letters this
Am from you i hope
i dont go all Day
Tuesday with out aney
Sweete hart i am sorry
to hear that you are
not fealing well i am
glad you give up the
store for the Hours
was to long for you
and i was a fraid
you would get Run
down your health is
moor to you than the
$5.00 you get

Dearest i am glad to
know that you like
your Ring so well
i thought you would
i like it very mutch
my self Dearest you
said you had a letter
from your sister you
did not say if she
was coming up soon
i see you said we
would com down to
help eate her fruit
up i take it that
you mean me i
would be glad to
visite your sister

i have heard you talk
so mutch a bout her
i feal that i am
well aquinted with
her Sweete hart it is
verry coald hear to
day and dreary to
it makes a fellow
feal lonsome when
he has a dear sweete hart
and cant see her when
he wants to i wish
to see you moor
Every Day i am doing
Every thing i can
to get Roy Started to
work so he can (over)

take care of him
self i think he
will get started soon
and then i can
com to you Dearest
You are i told him
i would get him
work and help him
all i could if he
came out hear so
i will have to be
as good as my word
Sweete hart have a
little patience we
will soon be together
i am just as ancious
to see you and give
you a good tight hug
i cant tell you how
many kisses all for
theone i Love Yours Bob

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