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23 August 1904 Letter from Robert H. Wilson to Orpha May Spencer

This letter once belonged to Orpha May Spencer, and is now part of a private family collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more of the collection.
Chicago, Ill
Aug 23
11 30 AM
Miss Orpha Spencer
4829 Delmar Ave
St. Louis MO

ST. Louis, MO
AUG 24
3 30 AM

                            Aug 23/04
My Dear Sweete hart
I Recieved you letter
yesterday i dont get
aney mail on Sunday
You speak in your
last letter as if you
do not get a
letter Every Day i
have mailed you a
letter Every day but
yesterday since i cam
back from St. Louis

Dearest i am going
down town to get
your ring the
morning so you
can look for it.
Wensday it will
not be a $100
Doller Ring Dearest
but it will be
the best my means
will allow and
i am shure you
will be satisfied
and i hope it will
binde us moor
than Ever

Sweete hart i would
love to deliver it
in person but you
but you see i am to far
a way for that
but the next one
i will deliver
my self and i
hope that will
not be long
Sweete hart it is
a pleasure for
me to go and
buy any thing
for you be caus
You Apriaciat aney

{Sweete hart i will say
good by for this time
with love and kisses
and hugs to all for you
                  (Yours Bob)}
little thing so
mutch, Dearest you
you must not
be cleaning up
the store and
make your self
sick i am sorry
to hear that your
mother is not
fealing well for i
know how cross
she is to you when
she is not well

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