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9 July 1904 Letter from Dr. James O. Lee to Miss Orpha May Spencer

This is a letter from Dr. James O. Lee, to Miss Orpha May Spencer.  Written sometime between 6 July 1904, and 17 July 1904.  Dr. James O. Lee was living in Worthing at the time.  Miss Orpha May Spencer was living in Saint Louis at the time.  The letter is part of a private collection that once belonged to Orpha May Spencer, and Robert H. Wilson.  Click here to view all items of their collection.  Click here to see more items that relate to St. Louis, MO.  Click here to see more items that relate to Worthing, SD.

Dear Friend
thank you for your
kindness in answering
my letter i am very
much rileved, and feel
better I was afraid you
would not answer it
dear friend my love for
you now is such that
i can not tell you
on paper an with
my pen I can not
sleep nights i am
thinking of you all
the time and wishing
that i could hold
your hand again
and tell you all
abouth it Orpha dear

i have loved you tru
it all and you have
allways been in my
mind but i could
not write to you
anything because
i was ask by the cort
and the lawers in
my divorce case if
i was keeping company
with any one and i
had to tell them no
and prove that i
did not and i was
afraid to tell you
abouth it sweetheart
i loved you so much i
could not tell you
and i have been triing
all the time to forget
you but i can
not do it never

Dear friend i am
not a gamler never
have been i have
no bad habits the
risen i told you
that i was a gamler
was because i wanted
you to forget me
Orpha dear if you
was with me now
you would find that
i would treet you
difrent and i do
hope you will
forgive me and
we will never
part anymore
so long as we live

dear i will give you
everything you want
and i will allways
love you
The risen that my
mother-in-law took
my wife away from
me was because she
is one of the richest
women in wis
and my wife was not
of age at the time
we got married but it
is all over with
now.  I thought many
times last year that
i would end it all
by taking my life
But i went tru it
allright and would
feel allright now if
i could call you

Orpha dear dont you
think you could love
me again i will
do every thing in i can
to make you happy
and you know that
i will give you a
nice Home dear
you will never have
to work anymore, me
and you will allways
have a good time
orpha i have not
been with any girl
since i was with
you the last time
and my only wish
is to be with you

if you think you could
love me again i will
come to St. Louis any time
and we can get married
Dear friend i will
not be able to sleep
much now until i
hear from you
again and i do hope
you will be able
to tell me that you
love me yet. dear
if you want any more
information i
will be glad to
give it to you
I can not be happy
without you and
if i have you
i got every thing
i want and care
for nothing more

orpha dear my practice
is good and the
town i am inis
not so large but it
is a nice place and
i have many friends
here that have knowen
me for years Worthing
is 16 miles from So
Falls and 10 miles from
Cantor, sweetherat
i hope you will
be with me before
long, today is Saturday
and i can not get
the letter of before
monday noon as
we have no mail here
on sunday

sweetheart Please do
answer this letter
give my regards to
with my love and
good wishes for you
that i love i am
sincerely yours
J Lee
S. Dakota
July 9 04

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