Sunday, February 12, 2017

San Bernadino, California Timeline

This is meant to be a very basic list of events that may have affected your ancestors lives.  Click here for the rosters, letters, etc. that reference San Bernadino.  Click here for the list of cities in San Bernaino County.  Click here for the list of counties in California.

The local natives of the area were called the tongva
1542 The official discovery of California by Spain
1545 Typhus and other European diseases start killing larges amounts of native populations in Cuba, and New Spain
1579 Sir Francis Drake claims some land north of San Francisco for England
1633 - 1634 Small Pox
Spanish missionaries start settling California in the 1700s
1775 - 1783 Revolutionary War
1776 Declaration of Independence signed
1793 Yellow Fever
1812 Russian fur traders build Fort Ross just north of San Francisco
1820 American Trappers start arriving from the East
1820 - 1875 Texas - Indian Wars
1821 Mexico gained independence from Spain
1832 - 1866 Cholera
1846 - 1848 Mexican - American War
1848 California is ceded to the United States by Mexico
1849 The Gold Rush begins
1850 California becomes the 31st State
1851 A colony of Mormons purchase Rancho San Bernadino
1851 San Bernadino City Established
1857 San Bernadino incorporated
1857 Most Mormons recalled to Utah due to the Mountain Meadows Massacre
1858 Scarlet Fever
1859 the Ainsworth - Gentry Affair in San Bernadino
1861-1864 The Civil War
1862 The Great Floods  
1863 Emancipation Proclamation
1866 The native people of the San Bernadino moutnains were getting slaughtered to make way for new miners and settlers.
1877 Jim Crow Law enacted till 1950s
1882 The Chinese Exclusion Act
1891 San Manuel Reservation Established in the San Bernadino foothills
1898 the American Anti-Imperialist  League formed
1900 Oil discovered in California
1905 Japanese and Korean Exclusion league formed in California and gained 80,000 + members
1906 San Francisco Earthquake and fires
1906 - 1907 Typhoid
1910 Angel Island opens (West Coast’s Ellis Island)
1913 California Alien Land Law
1914 - 1918 WWI
1915 - 1955 Polio Outbreaks
1918 - 1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic
1920 ACLU founded
1920 Women get the right to vote
1920 - 1933 Prohibition
1921 - 1925 Diphtheria Outbreaks
1924 United States gives citizenship to some Native Americans
1929 Beginning of the Great Depression
1933 The Long Beach Earthquake
1939 - 1945 WWII
1941 Pearl Harbor
1942 President Roosevelt Signed Executive Order 9066 (Feb)
1942 General Dewitt issued Public Proclamation No. 1(Mar, internment camps)  

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