Monday, February 27, 2017

Image Of Tin Type Of Leah Stutes

This tin type is part of a private collection.  Click here for the Private Collection of Robert H. Wilson, and Orpha M. Spencer.

When we found it, it had a folded piece of paper around it that said Mom's Mom and Dad.
My grandmother said the writing was her mother's writing.

If that is correct, that the woman in the photo is Leah Christina Stutes (Orpha May Spencer's mother).

She originally married Norman Spencer, who was almost 10 years older than her.  They had a few children, married other people, were both widowed, and then ended up together again, in Redondo Beach, Ca. before they passed.

Her second husband was Richard Combs (who was a few years younger than her).  I believe this is Richard in the photo.
The image of the left is the back of the tin type.

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