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Redondo Congregational Church 1888, 1894, 1932 Anniversary Souvenir Directory

The original booklet is part of a private collection in Redondo Beach.  Click here to see more items in the collection.  Click here to see the historical timeline of Redondo Beach, CA.  Click here to see the list of other States I have more items from.

Here are the images in order, of the Redondo Congregational Church Anniversary Souvenir Directory.
It says 1888, 1894, and 1932 on the cover.  There are also a number of pages missing from the middle of the book.    I got this book from my grandmother's house in Redondo, and thought it would be best to put it online before it degrades further.  I am not doing a transcription, but adding some information at the side of the photos.
Especially including names, in case anyone is searching for their ancestors in google by name.

Inside Cover

** I looked up, and could not find a Pioneer Institute of the South Bay District.  It must no longer exist.

I could not find the First National Bank of Redondo, but I did see some currency for sale online that was printed there.

Page 1
This is a picture of the Church, it is no longer standing.  It was in the area that is now Sovereign Grace Bible Church.

Page 2
Rev. Owen Umstead was Pastor
He was born is Illinois
He married Miss Belle Hepner in 1895
She was a teacher in Burlington Kansas
They had four children
Kenneth working at Berkeley
and daughters
Mrs. Richard Ohly
Mrs. Myron Meyer
Mrs. Elwood Harden
Page 3
organized as a Sunday School July 1, 1888, by Rev. H.P. Chase
Services were also held by Rev. Frederic Alder Field,  Rev. Nathan L. Lowell, and Rev. W. P. Browning

Organized as a Congregational Church seven years later.  Rev. C.Y. Snell as Pastor
The next 12 years there were several Pastors, Rev. Harlow, Rev. J. D. Habbick,  Rev D. Lloyd Jenkins, Rev. Otto Anderson, Rev. Thomas Stubbine, Rev. Musgroves.
Rev. William P. Hardy held service 11 years.
Rev. Owen Umstead has led the last 15 years when the publication came out.

Seybold' Bakery no longer exists.
Page 4
Ads for Sherwin - Williams
Then in Hermosa Beach
John A. Hageman

Thanks to Mrs. Owen Umstead, and Mrs. J.K. Boaz
for organizing the first printed Church Directory.
Giesler Print Shop

Ad For Union High Service Station
Diamond and Camino Real.
It no longer Exists.
A. H. Bradhurst
Page 5
Articles of Incorporation

E. P. Rowell, W. N. Birt, and William R. Williams were elected Trustees of the Church

James F. Ford - President
Mrs. M. P. Bronson - Secretary

E. P. Rowell, Wm R. Williams, H. H. Venable, W. N. Birt, Mrs. M. P. Bronson

Page. 6
Articles of incorporation Cont.
J.W. Anderson was the Notary Public and a witness.

There is also a small ad for Stiles Flower Shop
C.W. Stiles

Page 7. Articles of Incorporation Cont.
T.E. Newlin - County Clerk
Sam Kutz - Deputy
I. H. L Brown Secretary of State
W. T. Sesuer - Deputy
Charter Members
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Williams, Mr. and Mrs George Cate, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Venable, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Best,
Walter F. Venable, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Rowell,  Clara Rowell, Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Fisher, Mrs. Mary York, Mrs. J. Harris, Mrs. Martha P. Bronson, Mrs. Mary Gibson, Mrs. Lillie L. Hazeltine, Mrs. L. J. Perry, Mrs. M. A. Browning

Add for S & M Transfer and Storage Co.
531 N. Francisca
The old building may still survive.  The business may have moved to Torrance, there is a S & M Transfer and Storage listed in Torrance
Page 8
Officers of the Church
Pastor Rev. Owen Umstead
Financial Secretary  Nelson Roth
Treasurer  Mrs. M. P. Smith
Clerk, Donald M. Smith

Head Ushers R. H. Wilson , A. M. Graff
Night Ushers Donald Smith, Glenn Roth
Flower Committee  Mrs. Geo. Cate, Mrs. Hattie C. Thompson, Mrs. J. W. Meese, Mrs. R. S. Minech, Mrs. R. H. Wilson , Mrs. A Little, Mrs. A. F. Heimlich, Mrs. Chas M. McCormick
Music Committee  Mrs. Genevieve Hale, Mrs. J. E. Walker, Mrs. Frances T. Browning, Mrs. Paul Black, Mrs. H. D. Meacham, E. A. Shannafelt
President Men's Brotherhood  C.C. Lilly
Board of Christian Education and Pastor's Council
H. D. Meacam, Dr. A. F. Heimlich Alexander Larson, Mrs. Nelson Roth

Ad for Thorp's Music Shop
126 Pacific   Redondo Beach
No longer in business
Page 9
Board of Trustees
Chairman Edgar Skelton
Vice Chairman  H. D. Meacham
Secretary  Wm. F. Giesler, J. F. Walker, Paul Walker, Chas S. McCormick, C. E. Rhodes

Board of Deacons
Nelson Roth, E. L. Shannafelt, Alexander Larson, C. W. Stiles, A. M. Graff, C. C. Cribbs, Dr. A. F. Heimlich, Dr. H. F. Craven
Mrs. B. L. Lackey, Mrs. Anna D. Long, Mrs. F. A. Boulger, Mrs. F. H. Harden, Mrs. G. A. Mitts, Mrs. Jennie Hughes, Mrs. Gabriel Johnston
The Choir
Mrs. J. K. Boaz, Mrs. J. R. Richardson, Mrs. H. D. Meacham, Organists: Catherine Snavely, Richard Browning
Ladies Aid Society
Mrs. M. M. Waddell, Mrs. Mary Tyler, Mrs. Gabriel Johnston, Mrs. O. T. Clutter
  Page 10
Sunday School
Superintendent - Norman Crider, Assitstant Superintendent - Mrs. C. W. Stiles, Secretary - Treasurer - W. F. Giesler

Adult Bible Study Class
Teachers Rev. Umstead, Mrs. John Threlkeld

Cradle Roll
Mrs. J. W. Meese - Superintendent
Page 23
Roll of Members
Mrs. Marian Allen, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Andrix, Gordon Bain, Vivian Barker, Katherine Barker,Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barkley, Mrs. Helen Barnum, Mr. and Mrs. E. I. Beck, Mary Jo Beck.  Ernest Bennett, Nora Bennett, Mrs. Lena Berger, Freda Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Black, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Blatter, John K. Boaz, Mrs. Laura Patten Boaz, Jack Boaz, Kenyon Boaz, Mary Elizabeth Boaz, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Boulger, E. Merrill Boulger, Robert Boulger

Ad for Hermosa Outfitting Co.
C.A. Williams, G. F. Williams
128-130-134-138-140 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach
 No longer in business

Luverne W. Gillis Stationery Store
118 S. Pacific Av.  Redondo Beach
No longer in business

Cannot Be Saved By Works

Page 27 Roll of members continued
Mrs. T.C. Lemley, Edgar Lesley, Mr. and Mrs Thomas A. Little, Edith Little, Mrs. Anna Long, Spencer Long, Mrs. Mattie Nell Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Chas S. McCormick, Mrs. H. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Meacham, Robert Meacham, Douglas Meacham, Mildred Meacham, Mrs. J.M. Meese, Margaret Meese, Doris Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Minech, William Minech, Haruko Minami, Kiyoshi Minami, Mrs. Jessie J. Mitts, Lauren Mitts, Nellie Monroe, Walter Moore, Mrs. Hattie W. Moore, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Moyer, Reuben Moyer, Ernest L. Moyer, Raymond Moyer, Anna C. Moyer, Tugimi Muira, Kate North, Jacklyn O'Brien, Mrs. Grace B. Olson, Roy Osaki, Mrs. J.M. Patten, Mrs. L. Perry
   Page 28
Pacific Crest Cemetery
Still operating today in Redondo

Redondo Furniture Co.
212 South Pacific Ave.
No longer in business

Peerless Laundry Services Ltd.
No longer in service

Page 29
Roll of Members cont.
Betty Putters, James Putters, Joan Putters, C. H. Quandt, Mrs. Hannah Quandt, Lious Quandt, Carl Quandt, Mrs. Marie Quandt, Mrs. Catherine Reams, Mrs. Vivian Reinhard, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Rhodes, Mrs. Louise Richardson, Curtis Richardson, Mrs. C. R. Richardson, Mrs. Edith Ridgley, Anne Ritchie, Robert Ritchie, Mrs. Eva Rodecker, Virginia Rodecker, Miss Carrie M. Root, Nelson Roth, Mrs. Alice Roth, Glen Roth, Thomas Roth, E. A. Shannafelt, Mrs. Mable Sharrock, Mrs. Donna Shaw, Ruth Shaw, Fredrick G. Short, Mrs. Olive May Short, Jessie Nilda Short, Harold Short, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Skelton, Edgar Skelton, Dr. Robert F. Skelton, Richard Lang Skelton, Myron P. Smith, Mrs. Bessie M. Smith, Donald M. Smith, Helen M. Smith, Doris B. Smith, Mrs. Edna Smithson, Catherine Snavely,  Mrs. A.B. Solomon
Page 30    Ads
Evagelist - Will K. Ray
Undenominational Preacher and singer

Parisian Cleaners and Dyers
Diamond and Broadway
No longer in business

D & D Drug Co.
George T. Perdue
No longer in business

E.G. Griffey
Electrical Contractor

Golden Pheasant Restaurant
William Levey mgr.
No longer in business

Giesler Print Shop
No longer in business

The Rexall Drug Store
L. H. Schultz Ph G. Druggist
No longer in business
Page 29 [type-o in book]
Roll of members cont.
Mrs. Marian Spence, W.R. Steere, Mrs. Ethel Steigh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Stiles, Charles Stiles Jr., Katherine Stiles, Mrs. Eliza Stone, Theresia I. Stone, Mrs. Perie St. John, Mrs. Irene Tanger, Fumiko Tanzawa, Yoshiko Tanzawa, Tsutomu Tanzawa, Dorothy Taylor, Mrs. Hattie C. Thompson, Joseph Thompson, Edith Jenne Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Treadwell, Mrs. K. W. Tyler, Edith Tyler, Rev. Owen Umstead, Mrs. Belle Umstead, Kenneth Umstead, Robert Vitale, Mr. and Mrs. M.M. Waddell, James E. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walker, Margery Ruth Walker, Mrs. E.E. Williams, Robert H. Wilson,  Mrs. Orpha Wilson, Alta Wilson, James Wilson, Winifred Wilson,  Willis Wilson, Mrs. W. S. Young, Ruth Young, Arthur Young, Mrs. A. L. Young, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Zalabak  
Page 32   Professional Cards

Frank L. Perry
Attorney at Law

A. F. Heimlich M.D.

Dr. H. F. Craven
Dentistry and x-ray service

Dr. Loren D. Sims
Chiropractor - Graduate Masseuse
Inside Back Cover

Sam Holon
Body and Fender Work
 Back Cover

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